Become A Leader Worthy Of Envy With These 7 Powerful Steps

Become A Leader Worthy Of Envy With These 7 Powerful Steps

We’ve all seen the stereotype. The powerful woman who kicks butt and takes names. The one that people look up to and takes the opinions of with utmost authority. From Gertrude Ederle to Amelia Earhart to Margaret Thatcher, history is filled with ambitious women who have truly left a mark on the course of the world.

Taking in some of their spirit and expressing it in your career can be advisable, especially if you feel that you’re not progressing the way you’d quite like to be. Sometimes, taking another approach to becoming the woman of power you’d love and deserve to be means taking different routes to success. We’d recommend implementing all of the following advice to revolutionize the way you consider your life, and the way you approach your goals.


How you dress says a lot about you, but more importantly it changes how you feel when you’re out in public and attempting to progress in the avenues of life that you wish to be involved with. Feeling like a powerful woman means you should meet perfectly between business and elegance. Business will help you feel like you have authority and competence. Elegance will help you feel expressive and creative. These two together will make you a formidable woman who may even begin a trend in the office you inhabit.

Consider adding light scarves, blazers and suits that are fitted and complement your frame, as well as jewellery that truly helps express how you are. If you don’t wear makeup, why not consider it? Of course, every woman identifies which fashion works for her the best, and so you should always feel comfortable in expressing yourself how you like. If you’re stuck for ideas but do want a change, changing how you apply your makeup can make a big difference in helping you feel vibrant during your daily responsibilities.


The only true weapon a woman has is her mind and intellect. As such, seeking to expand it with knowledge is ALWAYS a beneficial endeavour. Remember, your mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled. As such, it’s important to keep refining your competency in the workplace, even if you feel that you are perfectly qualified for what your job entails.

Expanding your reach in all avenues can help you feel completely on top of things, and will encourage you to take risks outside of your station that you secretly may be yearning for. Taking a new degree, or operations manager courses online will help give you an expansive and maybe even much-needed improvement in your knowledge that could net you future job offers worthy of envy.


Working on your social skills can help you tremendously when it comes to developing interpersonal relationships between all genders in the workplace. Learning how to approach your boss respectfully while also authoritatively as the head of your department is a fine balance to try and achieve, but it’s absolutely worth doing. Take a small course in saleswoman practice can help you truly market your ideas successfully to those worth approaching.

This combination of three additions to your character can make you a leader within your career worth admiring. Even Wonder Woman would look up to you.

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