Wedding Traditions You Don’t Need to Follow

Wedding Traditions You Don't Need to Follow

Wedding traditions have changed over the years, and this is a good thing. We published an article last year on 14th Century weddings ( for example, where traditional rules such as being allowed to marry at the age of 12 were commonplace. Time moves on, and we can breathe a sigh of relief because of it. However, there are still traditions many people adhere to – unwritten laws of wedding etiquette that don’t have to be followed. Rules are made to be broken, and when it comes to your wedding, that is absolutely fine.

Tradition 1: The Bride has to wear white

When it comes to your wedding, you need to remember one important aspect – it is YOUR WEDDING!! That means you can wear whatever colors you want to, and while mother-in-law will probably turn up in a traditional flowery hat, you don’t have to adhere to the wedding look that tradition has always dictated. From the color to the style, you wear whatever you want to wear, such as the non-traditional dresses at You may be going for a specific look or theme, so feel free to dress accordingly, and encourage your groom, bridesmaids and wedding guests to do the same.

Tradition 2: The Plus One Rule

When sending out your wedding invites, it is customary to include the ‘Plus One’ rule. This can be awkward, especially for your single friends who don’t have anybody to bring along. Instead of following this archaic rule, allow your friends to bring a few people with them, as this will make them feel more comfortable, especially if they don’t know anybody else at the wedding. Of course, the venue has to match a larger capacity if this is the case – we recommend – as you will need to accommodate everybody. On the other hand, make it known that it’s equally okay to bring nobody with them, especially if they are already friends with some of the other guests at your wedding. It’s their day too, so make it suit them.

Tradition 3: Wedding gifts are for home-use

It’s customary for guests to buy gifts that are intended for the couple’s new home. So, unless you have set up a wishlist on sites such as Amazon, you are going to end up with multiple knife sets, duplicate coffee makers, and a hundred wine glasses. Of course, you could always sell them, but why not ask for gifts you actually want? And while you’re at it, ask for gifts that (whisper it) don’t need be used in the home. It’s better to have a gift you will actually appreciate, and it will alleviate the embarrassment your guests feel when they realize they have only added to your collection of luxury bathroom towels!

Tradition 4: There has to be a wedding cake

Not only does there have to be a wedding cake, but it should also be tiered with little models of the bride and groom on top! It might look nice, but it is rather boring. We aren’t saying don’t have a cake, but you are allowed to be creative. If you are having a themed wedding (another break from tradition – sorry mother-in-law), you could have a cake that is designed accordingly. On the other hand, don’t have a cake at all. Take a look at some of the tasty alternatives on as examples.  It’s your wedding, so cake or no cake, do whatever pleases you.


We have barely had time to cover every wedding tradition, but there is only one rule you should follow. And that is this: as it’s your wedding, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO!  Assuming it’s within the law of course – after all, you don’t want mother-in-law bailing you out of a police cell the following day!

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