Love The Hair You Have: How To Embrace Your Locks

Love The Hair You Have: How To Embrace Your Locks

Women have primped and preened for decades, and always been told that our hair is too lanky, too curly, the wrong color, too frizzy, and all other kinds of things – it just seemed like we couldn’t get it right, whatever we did. That’s why it’s so exciting that women are going against the societal norm, and learning to embrace their natural hair. Imagine what you could do with all the extra time if you don’t have to spend it blow drying, straightening, curling and dying? If you’re sick of the time and money you spend trying to tame your hair, it might be time to embrace your natural side, and go wild.

Say bye to the dye

What’s wrong with your natural hair color? Probably absolutely nothing. A few gray hairs show that you’ve lived, experienced life, and you’re wiser than you were, so there’s no excuse to want to cover it. Granted, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to dye your hair – it can be an expression of personality, or just something that you want to do, and that’s absolutely fine. But if you’re sick of dying your hair every few weeks, either because of the cost or the time, or any other factors, maybe it’s time to go au naturale!

Go for a manageable style

Many hairstyles require a lot of daily styling to look amazing, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Speak to your stylist about a ‘do that will look good, even when you let it dry naturally. Your hairdresser will be able to assess your hair type, its natural shape, and the shape of your face, and advise you on the best style to suit you. And once you’ve got your style, upkeep doesn’t have to cost the earth. Check out to find salons nearby, and prices to suit you.

Use chemical-free shampoo

Most shop-bought products are loaded with chemicals and harsh ingredients, which, over time damage the hair and the scalp. It is unfortunate that the damaging effects — including hair loss — of these chemical-laden products are hidden from us over the short term as people tend to be distracted by the synthetic smells and texture that these chemicals leave in our hair. It’s not as common for women as it is for men to wear hair replacement systems.

Get a good leave-in conditioner

A good leave-in conditioner is an underrated aspect of a hair care regime. It adds style and moisture, and gives your hair a little bit of extra hold as it dries naturally. If your hair is prone to frizziness, a leave-in conditioner will reassure you that you don’t need to style it daily almost immediately.

Give your style gentle encouragement

If you choose a style which requires little to no styling, it might benefit your natural hair to give it a little bit of extra encouragement in the form of natural oils and serums. Argan oil is amazing for taming frizzy hair, helping curls to form and hold their structure, and keeping your locks soft and moisturized – an absolute must for any natural hair lover.

Learn some cool braids

Rather than torturing your hair with heated appliances on a daily basis, invest in some cute accessories and learn some cool braiding techniques. All it takes is a bit of patience, some YouTube tutorials, and a few clear hair elastics to make some amazing styles, none of which require heated products or will damage your hair in any way.

I think we can all agree that natural hair is the way forward!

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