Why You Should Get IV Therapy At Home

Why You Should Get IV Therapy At Home

As more Miamians get vaccinated, many are eager to resume their pre-pandemic health routines, including IV therapy. But are the options we remember the best choice in the New Normal? Read on to learn more!

Understanding the impact of Covid-19 on the healthcare community

Covid-19 strained our healthcare system like never before, flooding healthcare facilities with wave after wave of seriously ill people in need of critical treatment. Most healthcare facilities had to drastically revamp policies and procedures, pulling trained healthcare staff from wherever possible to handle the onslaught. Nurses have been incentivized to travel to Covid-19 hotspots to offer relief to overwhelmed staff.

Understanding the impact of Covid-19 on the healthcare communityAlthough vaccinations have led to hospitalizations lowering to a manageable capacity, there still remains a backlog of non-urgent medical procedures. Because so many people were unable to have minor healthcare issues addressed during the pandemic, many now need more substantial treatment than they would otherwise need. This means that exhausted healthcare workers are confronting a large backlog of healthcare before they can even fully recover from the hardships of the pandemic.

These concerns only increase for Miamians once you consider hurricane season has arrived. Hurricane preparedness plans combined with Covid-19 safety protocols mean that facility capacities are stretched thin. Hospitals already running on limited resources due to supply chain issues may experience even more drastic shortages due to a storm.

How does getting at-home IV therapy help?

Getting non-essential services at home means that medical spaces can be reserved for those who really need them. Urgent care centers and other healthcare providers that may normally offer IV therapy services are going to be busy administering Covid-19 tests and tending to people injured or left homeless during storms.

Using a private, specialized mobile IV therapy service allows you to receive your general-wellness healthcare while not using space that could otherwise be used for critical health care.

The dangers of the Delta variant

The Delta variant is a mutated form of the Covid-19 virus. While most viral mutations have little impact on how the virus operates, sometimes they make viruses more alarmingly efficient. The Delta variant is a more contagious form of the disease that does more damage to lung cells. Since emerging in March 2021, the Delta variant now accounts for over 50% of cases in the United States and over 97% in the U.K.

Currently, studies indicate that vaccines are effective against the Delta variant. That said, booster shots may be needed in the future – either to increase declining immunity or offer protection from other variants that may emerge. But as annual hurricanes displace people from their homes and into Miami hurricane shelters, the risk of transmission increases drastically.

If you have anyone in your household or social circles who don’t benefit from immunity, like children under 12 or people who have received organ transplants, being cautious about the Delta variant is important even if you’ve been vaccinated. Even if you aren’t infected, you can become a carrier of the virus if you come in close contact with an infected person.

In-home IV therapy is a good way to meet your general wellness needs while still exercising caution regarding Covid-19. Immune boost formulas may offer additional peace of mind to ensure your immune system has the hydration and vitamins it needs to defend you best.

In-home IVs: convenience on your schedule

Miami IV therapy at home is your most convenient and conscientious choice. Mobile IV services will send a Registered Nurse to your home or workplace to administer an IV treatment. A nurse will remain onsite to make sure you’re comfortable, but you can otherwise relax, do light work, or interact with your kids. Nurses will provide all supplies, including necessary PPE, to prevent transmission of Covid-19 and other illnesses.

While it may seem frustrating to still feel stuck in the New Normal, in-home IV therapy is a small sacrifice to make for your community as Miami faces another hurricane season during the pandemic. It may also be a relief for those who are interested in IV therapy but are uncomfortable with clinical settings, or the social settings typical of IV bars. At the end of the day, IV therapy at home is a step towards your general wellness that you can benefit from regardless of where your IV session is administered.

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