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Cannabinoids Against Period Cramps

May 17, 2019 0

Almost every woman has had to struggle with dysmenorrhea, better known as menstrual pain. In some cases, the pain is so severe that the period becomes a real torture. Tea, hot-water bottles and some exercises […]

What’s the Mermaid Look That’s So Trendy

May 12, 2019 0

High beauty standards have always pushed the limits of cosmetic procedures as people are interested in achieving perfect look for themselves. One such procedure which is gaining popularity in the world of beauty is the […]

How Chronic Stress Could Ruin Your Life

May 9, 2019 0

Chronic stress could be the invisible assailant that attacks your life and leaves it in tatters. You might not be able to see stress, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. In fact, chronic […]

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