Sure-Shot Ways To Motivate Your Employees and Increase Their Productivity

Sure-Shot Ways To Motivate Your Employees and Increase Their Productivity

Whether you have been running a business for the past few years or have recently opened up one, you will need some exceptional people to make things work for you. And if you already have them, you need to ensure that they stick around. Money and benefits are crucial to ensure that your employees stay with you, but they are not the topmost motivating factors today. Instead, people like peer motivation and want to be recognized.

If you have already hired the right people and want to keep them motivated so that they stick around, there are different ways you can do so. Let’s take a look at them.

Have the right infrastructure

No employee would like to stand around a dingy and boring space for long hours. You need to have a well-lit, aesthetically pleasing, and fun workspace which makes work even more pleasant. Make sure that things are well-kept and you have the latest equipment that improves the productivity of your employees. You may have to invest in systems that are fast and flexible. It also means you will have to keep things clean and nice. While it may not cost much, you must hire professional cleaners to keep the space tidied and clean. Look for unique furniture pieces and add little touches that make the space personalized and enjoyable for the employees.

Be an honest and supportive leader

This is a no-brainer, but one of the top reasons employees quit is bad management. The foundation stone is respect, support, honesty, and clear communication, but there is always something more you can do to become a better mentor and leader. If you have just started the business and are new to it, you might want to speak to other industry leaders, attend conferences, and learn more about building skills that can motivate your team. If you are a good person to work with, your employees will be more loyal to you.

Consider employee rewards

People will only stay with your business when they have a reason to, and if you want to keep them motivated at all times, you need to start an incentive program. Offer a quarterly bonus, pay for additional qualifications, private healthcare, profit-sharing, and consider employee service awards. When people know that they will be rewarded and appreciated for a job well done, they will put in extra effort to do a good job and will stay with the company for longer.

Give them space to grow

When the business is expanding, you need to give your employees enough room to grow and this will work as a huge motivator. While money plays a big role in keeping them motivated, this works as a psychological factor, and they will feel more respected and trusted for the work they do. Give them a chance to showcase their skills, and if you are opening a new location, think about which employees will be a good fit in the management role there. When you see someone doing a particularly good job, consider encouraging them and giving them a new opportunity. When your best employees grow, they help the organization grow.

Offer flexibility in work

The pandemic has changed the way we work and the way businesses operate. Working from home is a new norm, and if you can allow flexible working hours to your employees, they will stick with the organization for longer. Cater to the changing needs of people to remain a competitive employer. Even if you cannot give a complete work-from-home opportunity, consider flexible working hours to attract and retain top talent.

Be transparent

As a leader, you should be transparent enough to share how the business is going with your employees. Do it regularly and let them be a part of the growth journey. You can use a tool to share business insights and also talk about the future goals. Do it weekly, or monthly and discuss how you can improve from the current level. Share information on the number of new customers versus returning customers. This will not only make your employees feel like a part of the business, but they will also be able to look at the areas that need improvement.

These tips will help you motivate your employees and improve their productivity. It is good to feel fulfilled by your work, and it works as a strong job satisfaction factor. Share any positive feedback you receive with your employees, and always be there for their big and little wins. Ask them for ways you can improve their work experience and work on the suggestions they offer. Your employees are your biggest assets, and you should never take them lightly. If they are motivated to give their best, you will see your organization do the best.

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