Fantastic Features: 6 Features You Can Enjoy in the Best Serviced Office Buildings

6 Features You Can Enjoy in the Best Serviced Office Buildings

When selecting a serviced office building, many people focus primarily on price and location. While these are crucial factors, it can sometimes be worth paying a little more or traveling a little further to secure an office with attractive bonus features. 

If you’re not sure what to look out for, we have you covered. Below, you’ll find six of the most beneficial features you can enjoy in the best serviced office buildings. 

1. Green spaces and outdoor meeting areas

Whether you’re looking at a serviced office suite in New York or a shared office space in South Melbourne, it’s crucial to favor those buildings that are doing their part for the environment. Best of all, the serviced offices that run on renewable energy and participate in other green initiatives generally offer fantastic features like green spaces and lush but practical outdoor meeting areas. Look for these features, and you’ll be helping your business, your team, and the planet all in one go.  

2. Fitness facilities

From bocce courts and golf simulators to fully-equipped gyms and personal trainers, you can secure a host of incredible benefits for yourself and your team by opting for a serviced office that cares about health and fitness. Endless studies have confirmed the link between physical health and mental health. So, you can look forward to more motivation and productivity if you take advantage of the fitness facilities at your office. Meanwhile, those golf simulators and bocce courts we mentioned can be a great way to engage in a unique meeting your clients won’t soon forget. 

3. A range of meeting and break-out rooms

If a serviced office building has just one large boardroom and a smattering of smaller spaces, you could run into trouble securing a space for last-minute meetings. How professional will it look if you can’t even provide a private meeting area for an important client? 

That is why the best serviced office buildings offer a wide range of bookable private spaces. We recommend taking a walkthrough of any office buildings you’re considering so you can get a feel for how busy they are and how booked out the meeting rooms tend to be. 

4. Flexible membership options

Serviced office buildings should come with various membership options you can switch between if you need to scale up or down. That way, you can manage your expenditures with a high degree of precision and ensure your team always has the space and resources needed to perform at their best. 

5. Seamless technological support

Ideally, you want a high-functioning app that allows you to handle room bookings and membership changes with ease. You should also look for supremely fast internet speeds and formidable cybersecurity measures. Finally, whether you’re in the office or out and about, the tech should support you seamlessly.  

6. Healthy food and drink options

The best serviced office buildings come with healthy dining options, and some even offer attractive extras like free beer and cider on tap. Even if you’re part of the emerging trend of forgoing alcohol, access to free-flowing drinks can be beneficial to your business.  Many clients and stakeholders (particularly those of the older generations) will be impressed by the casual offer of a post-meeting drink. Meanwhile, your team will likely be thrilled to have access to healthy snacks and easy dining options that allow them to take full advantage of their breaks. 

If a fitness center, free e-bikes, outdoor meeting spaces, or on-tap beer and cider sound good to you, then be sure to check out a few serviced office buildings before making your final selection.

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