We at MeaningfulWomen.com aim to represent a strong, empowering women’s brand having “double bottom-line” ideals – both for profit as well as having positive social impact. MeaningfulWomen.com will be a platform for education, empowerment, action and engagement for women committed to having meaningful and mindful lives and connections.

On a daily basis, we hope to provide the most relevant information covering issues facing women today. MeaningfulWomen.com will also become a place where ideas and opinions from all over the world can have a voice and be heard. We hope it will become a community where women can support each other on things both large and small. Over time we hope MeaningfulWomen.com becomes a place where our visitors share their opinions and expertise because having our readers contribute both editorial and opinion will help create a tighter and more well-rounded community that will benefit everyone.

Finally we believe that while we are tackling issues important to women, we don’t want to leave men out entirely.  We know that men want to have better relationships with the women in their lives and we hope to be able to dedicate some time and space to helping men see the world in the same way women do.

Thank you,

Mina Parsons, Editor



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