5 Reasons to Use BCAA Supplementation as a Part of Your Training Program

5 Reasons to Use BCAA Supplementation as a Part of Your Training Program

Nutritional supplementation has become a key element of fitness training as supplements have shown proven efficacy for improving the results of fitness programs. Branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplements have gained extensive popularity in the recent years because of the multiple benefits that are associated with them. Made of leucine, isoleucine, and valine, these are the essential amino acids which are not synthesized within the human body but form a significant part of the protein that is found in the muscle tissues. BCAAs are found naturally in eggs, meat, fish and dairy products, but athletes and fitness enthusiasts can avail adequate quantities only by supplementation. Considering the positive impact that BCAA supplementation can have, most trainers recommend them as a part of fitness programs. From gaining skeletal muscle to maintaining the muscle mass and speeding recovery, the benefits of BCAA supplements are immense. Let us understand the reasons to take them as a part of your fitness plan.

  1. They delay fatigue during rigorous and prolonged exercise

Taking a BCAA formula enables you to cope with the intense fatigue that is commonly associated with a rigorous and prolonged activity programs. The formula acts as an effective energy source during prolonged exercise, delaying peripheral fatigue caused by muscle tiredness. Even after the energy from the glycogen sources is used up by the body, it can still pull power from the BCAAs in the muscle to keep going. Besides delaying peripheral fatigue, BCAAs also delay the onset of central fatigue, which is characterized by the fatigue of the brain. They do so by blocking the amino acid tryptophan from reaching the brain.

  1. The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Weight TrainingThey take you closer to your muscle building goals

Another reason that a BCAA supplement should form a core component of your fitness plan is that it can support your muscle building goals. These amino acids have a restorative action as they repair the damage caused to the muscles from intensive workout. At the same time, they help them to grow and gain strength. In this way, they have a dual action- promoting the muscle tissue growth and preventing the stress caused by working out. However, you will have to combine the supplementation with intense physical exercise so that the energy these supplements provide is burnt up rather than stored as fat.

  1. They boost your overall performance

BCAAs play a key role in energy production, which makes them very important for those who follow intense workout programs such as strength training and weight lifting. These amino acids are burnt up by the body to maintain the energy levels and enhance the workout performance. Furthermore, the performance boost is enhanced indirectly too, as the result of the power and strength they impart to your muscles.

  1. weight lossThey promote weight loss efforts

While gaining and maintaining muscle mass is the major goal for fitness freaks, keeping their weight at an optimal level is equally important for them. This is a challenge in itself as taking fewer calories to prevent weight gain means that you have lesser energy for workouts. There are even chances that your body will start using the muscle as fuel and have a negative impact on the body building efforts. BCAA supplements serve as a perfect solution as they provide amino acids to be used as an energy source. This means that you are getting enough energy without having to rely on high-calorie intake. BCAAs make it possible to manage your without the risk of loss of the lean muscle mass.

  1. They trigger protein synthesis

Another good reason that justifies including BCAA supplements into your fitness regimen is their capability of triggering protein synthesis in the body. Protein synthesis refers to the metabolic process during which the body makes new muscle protein. Leucine, in particular, is of key significance in initiating protein synthesis. The best thing about these amino acids is that they are effective even in the absence of activity. Even those who need to take a break from their routine regimen can minimize the muscle loss during this period by taking BCAA on a regular basis. In this way, they can keep their muscles in shape as well as prevent fat gain during the rest period.

Considering the multiple benefits that are associated with BCAA supplements, these products have become an integral part of fitness programs across the globe. Not only are they highly effective, but safe for consumption too, unless you have a specific medical condition or allergies. Go through the label instructions carefully to know more about the dosage and side effects of any supplemental product.

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