Is Your Relationship Beyond Repair?

Is Your Relationship Beyond Repair?

Relationships are hard work. Couples go through such a lot together, and sometimes these things can tear them apart. Mending relationships can be done, but they aren’t always fixable. Sometimes, it’s better to accept that a relationship is beyond repair. Here are a few signs that yours is beyond repair:

You Struggle to Communicate

If you struggle to communicate, it could be a bad sign for your relationship. However, things can usually be salvaged providing you’re willing to learn to communicate properly. It shouldn’t be all down to one person though; you both need to learn how to get your feelings across in a mature way without pointing blame. The goal of any discussion should be to come to a conclusion that suits both parties, not to score points with the best insult.

You Argue All the Time

Arguing all the time is another bad sign. It can be a tough habit to break, especially since some people thrive off the drama that relationships can give them. It’s a good idea to work out what the root of all of your arguments are. They may seem petty and meaningless, but there might be a root cause at fault. Maybe it’s jealousy. To overcome this you need to work on the true cause of the arguments, perhaps by working with an online marriage counselor.

There are many different specialties in mental health counseling. Here are some examples:

Marriage and relationship counselors work with married couples or couples who live together and are in conflict.

Family counselors work with the family as a whole unit. While they may see family members individually for more information, their primary focus is on the family as a whole.

Addiction counselors work with individuals who are addicted to substances or activities such as gambling or gaming.

Grief Counselors work with those who have suffered a loss of a loved one to death.

Sex Counselors/therapists work with couples or individuals experiencing issues of sexual nature or with sexual intimacy.

Mental health counselors work with individuals who have been diagnosed with depression and other mental health disorders that can be managed through a range of therapies.

Old Issues Continuously Get Brought Up

All couples have issues in their relationships. The important thing is that you find ways to work past them. Once you’ve worked past an issue, it shouldn’t be brought up again. If old issues constantly get brought up, it obviously hasn’t been worked through effectively enough. You can’t sweep them under the rug. You need to address issues and actually get over them. If one person can’t forgive and forget, it’s a bad sign for your relationship.

You Imagine Yourself With Other People

It’s normal to look at other people. But imagining yourself in a relationship with these other people could be dangerous. If you’re truly happy with your partner, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to see yourself with anybody else.

You Haven’t Been Happy for a While

When was the last time you were happy? Truly happy. Think about it and give an honest answer. If you haven’t been happy in the relationship for a while, you either need to come up with a solution or call it a day. Barna, Guzy, & Steffen, LTD can make things as pain free and simple as possible.

You Want Different Things

Wanting different things is a big problem in relationships, and one you can’t usually do anything about. If it’s something to do with marriage or children, then your relationship is probably beyond repair unless one person is willing to change their mind.

With these points, you should be able to work out if your relationship is beyond repair. Only you know the answer. Do you think you can work at it, or are you too far gone? Starting again can be scary, but don’t deny yourself the chance to be happy!

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