Is It Safe To Have A Cat Around My Baby?

Is It Safe To Have A Cat Around My Baby?

Lots of animal lovers suddenly get cold feet about pet ownership when they have a baby. This is perfectly understandable. We’re hard wired to protect our young, and we will do whatever it takes to avoid any risks. But if you were considering adopting a pet cat before you became pregnant you may be frightened to take one on now your baby is born. Don’t panic. There are some precautions you can take to make sure everyone is safe and happy.

Start with choosing a good adoption website. When you want to adopt a cat, it’s best to know the temperament of the kitty before considering taking him on. Some websites offer up that important information in the description of the kitty. When you have narrowed your list down to the ones you are most interested in, contact the agent or owner for more information. Cats need adoption for many reasons. They may have become lost, or the owner no longer wants them. Find out why your one needs a new home.

The questions you need to ask are dependent on your living situation. If you need an indoor cat, then check with the owner that the cat is used to that. If you know your kids are going to want cuddles and play, then check that the cat is used to being around kids and enjoys those sorts of activities. Finally, check to see if the cat breed is low allergy or not. You don’t yet know if your baby may be sensitive to some cat hairs.

If you’re still keen to have one of the cats you’ve seen advertised, it’s time to do some final checks around the home. The new cat will need to stay indoors and use a litter tray for the first six weeks. You need to have somewhere for that tray that the kids can’t get at. It needs to be away from them and all food or milk preparation areas.

Next you need to make sure your garden is secure so that other animals can’t get in. Your cat will easily climb a fence, wall or tree, and wander up to a block away. You can’t stop that without a lot of chicken wire! But foxes, possums, or dogs could get in and harm your cat in the yard, so keep them out. An injured cat could lash out at his humans.

Indoors, you will want to keep closets and cupboards closed. Pull the furniture forward from the wall too. A new cat may want to hide away. You’ll find it easier to spot where they are if you can fit in the gap too. Then you can ask the kids to give him some space while he gets comfortable in your home.

The last thing you need to do is make sure your baby’s room cannot be used by the cat. It’s unlikely a cat will want to harm the baby. Instead, protecting your baby could become hazardous. The cat may want to sleep in the crib close to baby’s face. Keep the cat downstairs, or baby’s room door closed. Use a video monitor for additional peace of mind.

Cats make great pets for kids, and can be very safe to have around babies. Slow, relaxed introductions can help everyone get to know each other happily. Enjoy your growing family.

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