All Of Your Baby Health Questions Answered

All Of Your Baby Health Questions Answered

It is very common for parents to be worried about their baby. Especially if their newborn is their very first child. Thankfully, there are many common health problems that babies experience which are totally harmless. But it is still good to know about them so that you don’t panic too much when your baby is affected by them. Plus, you will easily be able to spot something more serious if there is a birth injury or your baby ever develops a dangerous condition. To help you out, here are some answers to the most common baby health questions that parents have.

How Much Spit-up Is Usual?

It is common for babies to cough up spit-up, usually just after they have eaten. Most babies will simply cough up a load of mucus that looks exactly like drool. There may even be hardly any of it, and your baby may simply look like he or she is drooling. However, some parents experience the complete opposite of this, and their babies seem to vomit pools of spit-up. This may alarm you, but there is nothing to worry about. Even if your baby seems to cover the floor with their spit-up, it will only be a small fraction of what they ate. However, if your baby seems to be in pain, then they might be suffering from acid reflux. In this case, you should take them to the doctor.

How Can I Tell If My Baby Is Constipated?

In the first few weeks after birth, you may feel like all you do is change nappies constantly. And then, after a month or so, this will suddenly stop as your baby’s bowels develop and their poop patterns change. As your baby ages, their poop will become more solid, and they won’t need to go to the toilet quite so often. So if their bowel movements seem to be a lot more infrequent, don’t worry that they are constipated. One quick way to tell if your baby is constipated is if they cry or scream when they try to poop. Bowel movements that are extremely hard and round are also another giveaway.

What If I Think My Baby Has A Birth Defect?

The doctors and nurses who attend you during the birth will be able to tell if your child has a birth defect straight away. However, there are some cases where they may not be able to tell instantly. These should still be picked up in the first couple of months, though. If the defect was caused by malpractice, then you could be entitled to compensation. To see about making a claim, you should contact a specialist lawyer, such as a cerebral palsy attorney.

Why Won’t My Baby Sleep?

If your newborn wakes up screaming in the middle of the night, the simple answer to this is that they could be hungry. Try feeding them, and they should find it easy to sleep with a full tummy. There are some other things that could disrupt sleep, such as growth spurts and certain illnesses. To make it easiest on yourself during those midnight hours, wear clothing that makes it simple to breastfeed such as front-opening nightgowns, nursing tanks that absorb leakage, or comfortable and wireless nursing bras.

If you have any other baby health questions not covered in this article, it is a good idea to speak to your doctor!

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