Effortless Elegance: 6 Secrets Of People Who Always Look Perfectly Put Together

Effortless Elegance: 6 Secrets Of People Who Always Look Perfectly Put Together

You’ll always have at least one or two days where you don’t entirely have things together on the inside. Late nights, break-ups, work stress, pandemics – none of us are immune to every one of these factors. However, with a few simple yet powerful secret weapons on your side, you can always look put together on the outside, no matter what’s going on within.  

From paying a visit to your local cosmetic tattooist to keeping a few key beauty tools in your bag, here are six valuable secrets from people who always look perfectly put together. 

1. Try semi-permanent makeup

Cosmetic tattooing is a powerful secret weapon that can be used by people of all genders. From eyebrows and eyeliner to lib blushing and even foundation, you can use cosmetic tattooing to highlight your best features, give your skin a fresh glow, and put your best face forward every day. 

This is the height of effortless elegance because, once the tattoo work has settled in, you’ll look just as flawless first thing in the morning as you do on your way home from work or happy hour drinks.  

2. Rethink your wardrobe

The way your clothes sit and how comfortable you feel in them are huge factors in whether you look put together. Avoid squeezing into clothes that are too tight or otherwise ill-fitting, and don’t be a trend chaser. Instead, find styles, colors, textures, and fits that truly work for your body and skin tone. Never buy clothes that don’t fit perfectly unless you are 100% certain you will take the item to a tailor to have it adjusted. 

3. Know your colors

This applies to your hair, makeup, clothing, and accessories. Knowing the colors and patterns that make you look fresh is central to effortless elegance. A simple change from brunette to blonde or vice versa can transform how you look and feel. For some, bright red lips are an easy way to add instant elegance to their look. However, for others, red just doesn’t work. So, do some research, consult an expert if necessary, and then adjust your approach to suit. 

4. Perfect your posture

No one exudes effortless elegance more than a person with perfect posture. Of course, correcting your posture is easier said than done. Even if your slouched shoulders or tilted pelvis are causing you pain, it can be difficult to retrain your muscles. So, if you struggle with posture, it’s a good idea to consult an osteopath who can give you exercises and strategies for finding and maintaining the ideal alignment. 

5. Live mindfully

If you’re always listening to a podcast while getting ready, watching YouTube while preparing meals, or scrolling Instagram while eating lunch, you’re at far greater risk of forgetting to brush your teeth, spilling sauce down your shirt, and otherwise messing up your look. 

By living in the moment, avoiding distraction, and finding joy in your daily activities, you’ll not only avoid spills and blunders but will also quite likely improve your mood and outlook on life.

6. Stock your bag

The ideal tools will be different for every person, so you may need to invest some time into finding your holy-grail items. For example, if you suffer from dry skin, your bag should contain a soothing lip balm with SPF protection and your favorite moisturizer. If you’re on the oily side of the spectrum, ensure you always have a pack of blotting paper for your skin and dry shampoo to freshen up your hair. 

Use these secrets to your advantage, and you can join the ranks of the people who always look effortlessly elegant.

Featured image courtesy of Marco Xu / Unsplash.

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