Choosing the Best Hair Color for your Skin Tone

Choosing the Best Hair Color for your Skin Tone

Women are always looking for that just right hair color to match their skin tone. We want to look our best and be the most attractive we can be. In achieving our look, some ladies go to the extreme and purchase the best pink hair dye or the best purple hair dye to see if the wild and weird is what makes them look their best. It doesn’t always work.

If you are at a loss as to how to pick the right hair color for your skin tone then listen to Justin Bounds. He is a professional hairstylist and he is here to give you tips on achieving the right look.

The old rules of selecting hair color do not apply anymore. Here are some new rules for women to follow:

Wash your face — To get the right color of your skin tone you need to wash the makeup off your face

Use natural light — Because of the differences in light bulbs your skin will not show its natural beauty or color. Natural light is the best way to see what your true skin tone color is.

Veins are the answer — If you are in doubt look at the color of your veins. If they appear blue or purple then your skin tone color is cool. If you see a greenish tint then your skin tone color is warm but if you can’t really see any of these colors then your skin tone color is neutral.

Color test — If you are still unsure of your skin tone, hold up a blue shirt against your face, then hold up a red shirt. If your face looks better against the blue then you have cool tone skin color; if it looks better against the red then you have warm skin tone color

More is not better — Do not change your hair color too much even when you are looking for that perfect look.

Stick with the sun — Follow the sun’s lead and pick shades that come from the sun’s work on your hair.

Follow your natural hair coloring — If you were born with black or brown hair then you would look best in those earthy tones like orange, brown or gold hair colors. If you are a natural blonde then you would look for cooler tones of hair color to make you look your best

Rule of Thumb

If you want to look better then you need to pick a hair color that is opposite of your skin tones. This means if you determine that you have warm skin ones then you will want to choose a hair color that is light or cool. If you have cool skin tone colors then you will want to go with warmer hair colors.

Good and Bad News

The good news is for those with neutral skin tones. They can wear any hair color they want as all colors will look great on them. The bad news is for those who have warm or cool skin tones. They do not get as great a selection as those with neutral skin tones

A Few Words

These are only a few tips to help guide you as you go for your perfect look. They give you an idea in which direction you should go as you search to look your best. Picking your new hair color is a lot simpler than it sounds. All you need to know is your skin tone colors and you can go from there. Of course, you can still be wild and weird but you may not achieve your best look opting for that alternative choice.

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