Don’t Put Money Before Your Children

Don't Put Money Before Your Children

When it comes to raising our children, we believe that providing for them is the be all and end all of parenting. The media has taught us this lesson, but it’s quite wrong. The pressure to give our kids a financially flexible life is overwhelming. But try not to worry about it too much. As long as your priorities are in the right place, you won’t go far wrong.

Of course, it’s critical that all children are provided for. They need clothes, food, and toys. But you know what they need above all? A healthy relationship with their family. As long as you can provide that, you shouldn’t worry about them being the best dressed kid in school.

The way the media portrays hard-working parents is wrong, and could enforce misplaced lessons. At the end of the day, we’re all just trying our best, right? Here are a few of the ways you may be focusing too much on making ends meet. And don’t panic if you are – these are all easily fixed.

You’re Chasing Your Ex For Alimony Payments

Divorce is tough for everyone to deal with, let alone if there are children involved. With it comes a whole host of messes, not least of which is financial security. Where once there were two breadwinners, now only one is left standing. At least for the most part.

Only one of you can be responsible for the regular day-to-day duties of raising children. For the other parent, it’s a matter of supporting from afar. A lot of families are able to make this arrangement work, but not everyone can be so lucky.

If you find yourself constantly contacting the law firm for the sole purpose of chasing money, your approach is wrong. Your primary concern should be that your child has a healthy relationship with both parents.

You’re Working Too Hard

Given the relative liberation of women in recent times, both sexes are able to be career-focused and ambitious. Of course, this is good news for a variety of reasons. Not least for your prospects. But it’s important that you don’t find yourself working too hard.

Time spent bonding with your children is infinitely more rewarding than time spent chipping away in the office. You may convince yourself that you need to take all the overtime you can get, but you don’t. You’ll only end up burning yourself out. Instead, cherish all the moments you get to spend with your children. There is nothing in life more fulfilling than that.

You Aren’t Saving Money

Saving money is something that a lot of people struggle with, but it’s certainly a good habit to get into. There are a wealth of benefits to having a cushion to fall back on.

Think of all the things you could give your child with a little budgeting constraint. Priceless memories of a family holiday. Being able to afford to send them to a good college. Buying their first car as a birthday present. All of which will certainly put a smile on your children’s faces, and you can’t put a price on that.

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