Could A Dog Complete Your Family?

Could A Dog Complete Your Family

Do you feel like there is a hole in your family? It might be worth considering getting a dog to fill that void. There are lots of reasons parents tend to shy away from bringing a dog into the family. It adds more mess to the home which also brings more chores. Then, there’s the expense. Dogs aren’t cheap, not at all and the cost of a dog can range up to a few hundred a month, depending on the level of insurance coverage that you might decide to settle on. Regardless of this though, getting a pet pooch for your family can still be the right choice. It may well bring plenty of benefits for your family.

5 Dog Breeds Perfect for a Busy LifestyleCompany and Companionship

One of the things that people love most about dogs is hearing their little furry feet run around the home. If you are a stay-at-home mom, it can be great to have someone in the house with you, and a dog can provide that support. They’ll keep you company until the kids return home. Of course, you might think that if you have a full time job, this is another reason not to get a pup. It’s true, you shouldn’t leave dogs alone all day. They are very sociable animals. But, a lot of workplaces are becoming more accepting of pets. There are also daycare possibilities to consider as well. But, when you or the kids do get home, you’ll have a happy wagging tail waiting and ready to play.

Teaching Children Responsibility

Getting a pet like a dog can actually boost a child’s development. How does it do this? Well, if the dog belongs to them, you can make sure that they are responsible for washing it, feeding it, taking it on walks and much more. A really fun part of the adventure in dog ownership is naming your pet – check out this great pet name generator for some helpful ideas. You might also want to start training you new pooch, which can be helped by a healthy supply of CBD dog treats. Treats like this, timed correctly, can help you condition your dog to do everything from learn how to shake hands to bring you the newspaper in the morning. Of course, the main benefit is that you will just have a very well behaved pet which is certainly a positive goal to aim for.

Meanwhile, kids are learning how to take full responsibility for something or someone. They are being slowly nudged to understand the type of accountability that they may have later in life. 

Magical Memories

You might not have the money to take your kids on a whirlwind adventure holiday every year. But when you have a dog, there’s no need to do this. You can have a great time with your pet on more family orientated holidays and days out at the weekend. You can go on picnics, throwing the frisbee around for your friend. You can take them down for a swim at the river or the beach. You can head out camping and forget about the hotels, Why a Dog Might Be Just the Answer You Need for Your Health and Fitness Woescompleting activities that will bring you all closer together as a family unit. We think you’ll find a dog could bring far more joy than even the happiest place on earth.

Staying Fit

We all struggle with the pressures of staying fit and healthy. It can be tough to fit exercise into an already jam-packed schedule. You might also be eager to make sure that your children are getting the level of exercise they need each day. Well, having a dog basically pushes you and get up and off the sofa. If you don’t take them for walks, they become restless and will start pushing you or even dragging you towards the door, in a playful and completely adorable way. They need exercise, and they know you do too. Besides once you’re actually outside, you’ll love all the energetic activities you can do with your dog. You can throw the ball around, go for a walk and even head off for a jog. Your pooch will happily run along aside you – so this is a health benefit for your dog as well as yourself!

If you do want to avoid this activity with your dog, make sure you opt for a lazy breed. There are a few around, and not all dogs are labs. That particular breed expects a good few miles each day while a smaller pooch will happily have a run around the garden and then curl up by the fire.

So could a dog be what’s missing from your home? You might have a few apprehensions about picking one up. But remember, not all dogs shed hair like no tomorrow, and some won’t mess up your home as much as others. Even if they do though, we think you’ll adore the joy they bring to your family.

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