When Freedom Has a Name: 6 Advantages of Living an RV Lifestyle

6 Advantages of Living an RV Lifestyle

It used to be the case that the vast majority of full-time RVers were retirees living in Class A motorhomes.  Today, though, there is substantially more diversity in the RV community.

Some RVers are online entrepreneurs. Others work location-independent jobs.  Students and intrepid adventurers also love the RV lifestyle for reasons ranging from affordability to the unique appeal of living a more nomadic life.

Every full-time RVer has his or her own set of reasons for having made this lifestyle change.  There are a few benefits of living full-time in an RV that applies to just about everyone, though.  Read on to find out about just six of them.

Change Your Mindset And You'll Save A FortuneMore Affordable

The cost of living is on the rise in cities, towns, and rural areas alike across America.  Even quite luxurious RVs, on the other hand, is quite affordable.  All of the money saved on rent, utilities, and other unnecessary monthly bills can be put toward gas, paying for campsites, taking more frequent vacations, or whatever else RV owners might desire.

While older RV owners tend to view their new, mobile living arrangements as being more or less permanent, the younger generation of RVers often takes advantage of their more affordable living arrangements for a few years or even a few decades while they pay off student loans or find better-paying jobs.  If they wind up getting sick of living in their RVs full time, they can always take the money they’ve saved and buy homes then park their trailers in their driveways.  Some even opt for keeping their RVs in top condition and reselling them after they’re finished with them.

Freedom to Move Anywhere

Signing a mortgage on a home or even just a lease on an apartment ties residents down to where they are.  While some people like the sense of security that comes along with staying in one place for the duration of that contract, others prefer to be able to just pick up and move on when they feel so inclined.

Those who opt to buy a fifth wheel have even more freedom than those who opt for Class A, B, or C motorhomes.  They can simply find a place they like to camp, drop their trailers, and have access to their trucks in order to get to and from work, make runs into town for groceries, or deal with minor emergencies without having to take their homes along with them.

4 Ways to Cut the Costs of Your Next Vacation With Friends and FamilyMake New Friends

RV living is perfect for building community and making new friends.  Not only do RV parks attract a lot of unique and interesting people from a wide variety of different lifestyles, but living in a fifth wheel also offers plenty to talk about.  No matter how different new friends made on the road are, they’ll always have their decisions to adopt a nomadic lifestyle in common.  Just make sure to follow basic campground etiquette and start making new and interesting friends that share similar lifestyle goals.

Simple Living

There has been a huge push in recent years toward the adoption of a simpler lifestyle, and with good reason. Getting rid of all the clutter and unnecessary stuff associated with living full-time in a full-sized home can remove distractions and stress, allowing RVers to focus on what matters.

Living simply can take some getting used to, especially for those who are used to the many conveniences of modern life, but it comes with all kinds of benefits.  It can help to reduce stress, improving both physical and mental health, and offer people the freedom they need to embrace who they really are.  Plus, it tends to shift people’s focus into their relationships with others and themselves, helping them to live more fulfilling lives.

Million-Dollar Views

Traveling in a fifth-wheel can bring RVers to some interesting places with some truly dramatic views.  Many modern homeowners pay millions to wake up and overlook the beach or watch the sunset over a mountain range from the comfort of their yards.  Full-time RVers can do it for free.

Those who are willing to put up with a little bit of extra driving and fewer amenities often find that fifth wheel trailers are the best way to go when it comes to seeking out the best possible views.  They’re easier to drive down poorly-maintained roads and can even take sharp turns and steep hills safely.  Modern psychologists acknowledge that even a few days spent in nature can go a long way toward helping consumers recover from the constant stress of modern life and RVers get to spend as much time sitting back and appreciating the view as they could possibly want.

Incredible Flexibility

Don’t love making new friends or braving the bugs and critters to enjoy time spent among the trees?  Living in an RV provides the flexibility to choose a more conventional lifestyle, as well.  There are plenty of RV parks that offer all of the amenities of home with tons of luxurious touches like swimming pools and spas, gyms, and community spaces thrown in.

Many RVers find that they like taking a middle path that involves both an increased appreciation of nature and taking advantage of all that society has to offer.  They outfit their fifth wheels for boondocking when they want to get some space or get back to nature for a while, then head back to town to park in a more convenient location when they’re looking to socialize or they miss modern conveniences.  Even cities often have RV parks either within their limits or just outside of them, so the sky is really the limit when it comes to deciding where to go and how to live.

The Takeaway

RV living isn’t for everyone, but most who give it a try to find that they really enjoy the freedom, independence, and interesting experiences that come along with living in a motorhome or trailer.  There are plenty of different options available, so it’s easy to find one that fits just about any budget and meets just about any set of criteria when it comes to size, convenience, and comfort.  Just make sure to buy from a trusted manufacturer and do research in advance to see which type of RV might be the best fit.

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