How to Clean Your RV to Prepare for Camping

How To Clean Your RV To Prepare For Camping

Cleaning an RV is not an easy task, and most people wish they never had to do it. The fact that they require regular cleaning and maintenance leaves you with no other option but to keep them in a perfect condition. A clean recreational vehicle makes you comfortable and is healthy to use.

You won’t be worried about contracting dirt-related diseases or harboring some destructive rodents. Wondering where to begin and how to conduct the cleaning? Here are some tips that you can use to clean your RV and keep mice out of the vehicle. Follow the steps below, and prepare to go campingcaravanning or other fun adventures!

Vacuuming the RVDusting The RV

During operation, the RV is likely to gather lots of dust. The dust accumulates in different parts of the vehicle, and if not cleaned well, it can lead to respiratory infections and allergic reactions. You can get rid of this dust by using a hand vac, shop vac or a long hand-held duster.

With these tools, you can get rid of all the dust from the floor, carpet, windows, dashboard, blinds and inside the drawers. The long duster can reach areas that are inaccessible. After dusting these parts, wipe them using a wet piece of cloth.

Cleaning The Windows And Mirrors

You cannot afford to ignore the windows and the mirrors of your RV. If they are not coated with a solar film, use Windex to clean them. However, if they are covered with the film, stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent any cases of damage that the general cleaning can cause.

Try to clean both sides of the windows. The roll-up shades of the RV only require dusting though you should use damp clothing to remove tough stains. The shiny aluminum blinds also need some little dusting. If they are not made of aluminum, you may have to take them down and wash gently using a mild detergent. You should also use an RV rubber roof coatings to refill your RV coating. It will definitely be a lot brighter.

Cleaning The Dashboard And Upholstery

The dashboard of an RV can accumulate lots of dust, so it needs a thorough vacuuming process. Since other parts of the dashboard are quite sensitive, it is advisable to clean them using vinyl.

Do not neglect the steering wheel and the foot pedals. The furniture of your vehicle determines the cleaning material that you should use. If it is leather furniture, use a furniture protector. If you are not an expert with the upholstery, consider using professional steam cleaning services.

Cleaning The Toilet And BathroomCleaning The Toilet And Bathroom

The toilets of the RV should be thoroughly cleaned using specific tools that are designed for the job. Some of these include brushes, disposable rags, and a disinfectant. You should also use adequate water when cleaning as it will guarantee a high-quality job. Remember to clean under the rim as some residue may stick here. You can use paper towels to wipe the top and the bottom of the toilet seat.

For the bathroom, clean it immediately after taking a shower. Doing this helps in eliminating damp atmosphere in the room. You can use a squeegee or a dry towel to keep the floor dry. Also, ensure that you clean the windows, mirrors, sinks in the bathroom using Windex and Ammonia.

Tips For The Floor AreaTips For The Floor Area

Cleaning the floor of a recreational vehicle calls for patience. Consider using a solution of water and ammonia to clean floors that are made of ceramic tile. Sprinkling some vinegar on the floor can help to sanitize and leave it fresh. In case there’s superficial dirt that has stuck to the floor, ponder using soft brushes instead of the hard ones. Doing this will prevent corroding the floor of the RV.

Floor cleaning also includes taking care of the carpet. It always feels good to have your feet on a clean carpet. Using the services of professional carpet cleaners is one way of keeping them clean. They know how to clean them well without causing damages. You can remove the dust that might have accumulated in the carpet using a vac. If you have washable rags, you can clean them using the normal laundering methods.


Cleaning an RV is not a task that you should worry about. You only need to gather some simple tools and spare a few minutes. Before you commence with the cleaning, try to know the mineral content in the water that you are using because some of them can discolor different parts of your RV. With these tips, you will keep the mice out of the vehicle and make it more comfortable.

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