Is It Time For A Change? Five Goals To Make This Year Your Best Yet

Five Goals To Make This Year Your Best Yet

Right now you may be wondering why you set yourself some of those new year’s resolutions. Perhaps things haven’t gone to plan, maybe you were a little unrealistic, or you just didn’t plan how you were going to achieve them. Too many times people focus on January forgetting that the resolutions are for the year ahead. But while it can feel rather daunting to think about life-changing goals right now, there is no harm in considering some of the ways you can make a real impact to your life. After all, some of the positive changes could really help make this year the best one yet. So I thought I would share with you five goals that you could take on now for the next twelve months.

Working on your mindset

Your mind can play tricks on you, there is no denying that. It can certainly have an impact on your decisions, and if you find yourself feeling more negative than positive then your choices and behavior can also be affected. A quick tip is to become more conscious of your thought process. It can help you to actively change a negative thought into something positive. Doing this may seem forced at first, but once you start to get into a new habit and way of thinking, you will start to look at things differently.

Moving home

Moving home can be pretty stressful, but sometimes there are too many positives not to consider the option. You could make some great money from your investment, be investing in your future, or simply providing more space for the family or benefiting from a new area. It can be a hard thing to go through, so researching great moving companies could help ease the actual process. Moving house isn’t something that just happens. It takes time and preparation, but could be one of the highlights of your year.

Being more active

Perhaps you had a goal to become more fitter or be able to run a big race. A big goal for fitness can seem very unachievable, especially if you haven’t been taking much exercise. Instead, make a promise to be more active. Choose to walk somewhere instead of driving. Actively do something each day. It will get easier, and then suddenly those fitness goals won’t be so unachievable.

Changing your diet

Diet could be a big focus for you, especially if you overindulged during the festive season. But, while a crash diet might seem like the right approach, is it going to be sustainable? You may want to look at the lifestyle you have and focus on a diet that nourishes your body with the food groups it needs to function. You could also consider a diet change like going vegan, or cutting out just red meat or gluten.

Starting your own business

Finally, you may have dreamt of working for yourself one day, but for some it can’t just happen overnight. Starting your own business requires careful planning and consideration, but while it may not be created in one month, over the whole year it is more than achievable to do. Why not plan each month to take a step towards this goal? Who knows where you might be this time next year.

I hope that this has inspired you think about the whole year when it comes to your goals. Another great resource, Goal Setting An Ultimate Guide, is available from our friends at SuccessGrid.

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