4 Simple Ways To Make Your House Ooze Curb Appeal

4 Simple Ways To Make Your House Ooze Curb Appeal

If your home is looking a little tired from the outside and needs a little bit of a makeover, there are many ways you can breathe new life into your property without breaking the bank. You remember when you first moved into your home; the garden was well-coiffed and tidy, the door had been freshly painted and the brickwork was impeccable. Fast forward a few years, and family life has taken its toll on the curb appeal of your humble abode. Don’t worry – take a look at these four simple ways you can make your home turn heads once again.

Get Your Fingers Green

Nothing screams a well-maintained property more than a beautiful garden. It doesn’t matter whether you love your chrysanthemums, hydrangeas or geraniums, if you can squeeze in a colorful abundance of foliage into your front garden area, your home will look bright and cheerful to passers-by. If the idea of getting green-fingered is a little too much to bear, you could venture down the ornamental garden or rockery route. These shingle laden areas are much easier to maintain and can look just as impressive.

Look Up

If you want those people having a gander at your home to know that you live in a salubrious area, it pays to install a security system to demonstrate your commitment to a crime-free neighborhood. People always have peace of mind when they see three or four houses in a row complete with burglar alarms fitted. Those pairs of twinkling blue lights on a box fixed to the brickwork of a home make people feel confident that a home is safe and secure. With their angular designs, they don’t look like an eyesore on the facade either.


If you have the most beautiful home from the outside but it’s topped off with a bowing roof, or there are a few tiles slipped, missing or cracked, it can put a dampener on that all-important curb appeal. Get it fixed, not just for aesthetics reasons but also because your home could be welcoming damp, mold and draughts if you don’t get it sorted. Fixing it sooner rather than later will also save money, in the long run, leaving you to concentrate on other aspects of your home’s curb appeal.


The windows of a home are like the eyes looking into your soul. Most people don’t want the displeasure of seeing strangers peering into their humble abode. Make a feature out of your glazing by installing some stained glass feature windows. You could install shutters, window boxes or semi-frosted glazing to add a little bit of interest to your glazing rather than just an ordinary plain facade. This way you’ll also have control over who can see into your pad.

Your home is your castle, and it’s only right that you want to show it off. Get enhancing the curb appeal of your pad and be proud of your humble abode.

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