14 Fun Family Activities for the Weekend

14 Fun Family Activities for the Weekend

Busy weeks and endless responsibilities don’t leave us much time to spend with our kids. That’s why the weekends are so precious. However, those two days should also be fun for both kids and parents, entertaining but relaxing, and just a little bit educational. Here are some tips on how to spend a weekend in the way that the whole family enjoys it.

Make a pancake breakfastMake a pancake breakfast

Let your children make breakfast for you! Make the pancake dough and let them make their own, very special, very unique, pancakes. Yes, the pancakes will be half burned, and yes, the kitchen will be in a total mess, but it will be worth it!

Vinyl store visit

Have your kids ever heard about Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Rolling stones or Ella Fitzgerald? They will be thrilled with the sound of gramophone cracking to old records that were popular even before you were born. Ask their grandparents what was the song for their first wedding dance and play it to your kids. Let them experience some of your memories and make them into their own.

Backyard barbecue

Everything is more fun outside. Let them assemble their own kebabs, ask them to invent their own salads using only three ingredients and prepare frozen fruit cubes for the lemonade together. Let them create a burger for you with special ingredient and name. ”Tammy’s bacon burger with mayo and oregano’’ can be the new specialty of the house, for example!

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Go Camping

There’s nothing like camping with your mom and dad! Setting a tent, starting a fire, learning how to orient in nature using the position of the sun and moss on the trees is something they will never forget. Not just the experience, but the useful things, too. In the evening, naming the constellations and learning how to recognize them can be tons of fun. Make sure to consult a camping checklist in advance!

Throw a party

If you really don’t know what to do for the weekend, and you haven’t seen some of your friends and family in a while, it’s time to throw a small party. Call your friends, cousins and their children to come over for some fun. You can even invite some of your kid’s friends from school and let them all play in the backyard. Aussies actually frequently do these little parties, and they like to take it up a notch. For example, many families rely on clowns and magicians for such parties. You can do that too, you just need to look for magician hire in Sydney, or your local area and prepare your kids for a memorable party. What is more, while they are occupied with magic, the adults can enjoy the aforementioned barbecue and some cold drinks.

Bike ride

Create a tour that is in some way rewarding, other than the ride itself. Make it about a visit to the national park or a nature resort with a great view. It will be a whole-day event, so be sure to pack some sandwiches, water, and other snacks, and you’re all set to go!

Go to the zooGo to the Zoo

The zoo never goes out of style. Let your kids get to know the wild world from the close-up. Explain to them why the giraffes have long necks, why the tiger is always alone, why monkeys pick each other’s fleas etc. They can learn so much from animals.

Visit a MuseumVisit a Museum

Pay a visit to the science or art museum. Let your kids express their curiosity and affection for art. After seeing some great pieces of art, you can all make an effort to recreate them at home. Watch your kids trying to be Monet or Picasso of our time. It may encourage some of their hidden talents.

Old movie projection

Old movies can be as much fun as the cartoons, if not more. Who will make them laugh better than Mr Bean and the Queen?  Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters, the list is endless. Don’t forget to make some popcorn!

Local factory visit

Is there a milk or chocolate cookie factory nearby? Ask the administration if they give tours and take your kids to see how something has been made. The whole process of making some product will be very amusing to them, and they will be able to get some samples directly from the factory drive.

Playing mom and dad

They do it all the time when you are not there, why not making it more fun? Watch them pretend they were you, try to spot the things they say most often, the expressions they make and body poses they strike. You will have a direct insight into how they see you as parents, how much they actually know you and how do you seam looking from the side. It will give you all a good laugh, for sure.

Have a sport tournament

It’s time to make up sports! Jumping in a bag can be a hell of a sport, and a hard one! Carrying hard-boiled egg in a spoon across the backyard and running with one of your legs tied to someone else’s are creative ways to encourage their sports spirit as well as their team player characteristics. The winner gets to eat all the eggs that survived.

Visit an Animal ShelterVisit an animal shelter

If you are thinking of having a dog or a cat, pay a visit to the animal shelter. Kids will get to play with dogs who are craving attention, and realize how important it is to create a sense of responsibility toward animals that many people don’t have. Stress the importance of adopting an animal before buying.

Baking a cake

Baking a cakeBaking together is always fun. They can squish dough, melt chocolate, sprinkle sugar and make decorations. Teach the importance of following the recipe exactly and always adding a special ingredient only mom can teach you where to find- love.

At the end of the day, ask your kids what was the best thing that happened to them this weekend. You might be surprised by the things they’ve noticed and remembered. The important thing is that they had a great time and that they are waiting impatiently for the next Friday.

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