Dream Home – 6 Great Ideas When Building a New House

Dream Home - 6 Great Ideas When Building a New House

Building a new home can be an incredibly exciting time in any family’s life, an opportunity for many of your dreams to become realities. However, sometimes a blank slate can be overwhelming. You can do whatever you want to your house, but where do you start? Here are some ideas to consider when you’re building a new home.

Water Filtration SystemWater Filtration System

Depending on where you live, water quality may not be up to the standard your family requires. Therefore, it’s worth considering if your home could benefit from an under sink water filter.

Filtration systems are a cinch to install and take up minimal space. What’s more, they are cost-effective to maintain and remove all those nasty contaminants that find their way into your water supply.

Go Neutral

When faced with a huge array of options, it’s all too easy to throw caution to the wind and go “all out” with your color schemes. However, while you may take a fancy to magenta as the color for your kitchen or bathroom, potential future owners may not.

When it comes time to paint your new home, consider going neutral. Light beiges are guaranteed to match any décor and are often cheaper. However, if you’re attached to a particular color, choose blue. A new analysis shows light blue can prove lucrative.


The pace of technological development in staggering and it’s impacting the way in which we live in ways that we could barely have imagined a decade or two ago. Ensuring that the design, construction and fittings of your house are state-of-the-art might cost you more today, but may save you a packet down the track. Renovating or rewiring your home to accommodate the latest technologies can be expensive and disruptive, so speak to your builders, electricians, plumbers and other professionals about how to construct your home for the future.

Resale Value

While you’re building your home for your needs, it’s helpful to think about those of other buyers. Of course, no one intends to sell their house before they even build it, but who knows what the future holds? Therefore, it’s crucial to always think of your resale value.

From not enough bedrooms or bathrooms to too many gardens, there is a whole list of potential pitfalls that can scare future potential buyers away from your home. While two bedrooms might be sufficient for your needs right now, consider including a third and using it as a den or children’s playroom for now. All of these small factors matter when it comes to resale value.

Don’t Neglect OutsideDon’t Neglect Outside

The exterior of your home is as important as the interior, yet many people don’t put as much thought into this area. When you’re building a new house, don’t forget to create an outdoor entertainment area for your family to enjoy. It not only adds value but provides an outdoor escape once the warmer weather arrives. Surround the area with low-maintenance plants and get your new yard off to a good start.

Your Storage Needs

The average American has over 300,000 possessions in their home. While most of these items will have some use or value, they tend to create clutter. While you’re in the building stages, be sure to include plenty of storage in your plans. Linen cupboards, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and other creative storage ideas will help keep your home neat and organized. The more places you have to stow your stuff, the less cluttered your home can appear.

Building a home is a rewarding experience and one that not all people have the pleasure of doing. Make the most of it by doing your research and creating a house that’s not only suitable for you, but for future owners.

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