Must Read Advice To Keep Your Family Safe At Home

Must Read Advice To Keep Your Family Safe At Home

As a parent, I know that my family’s safety is my number one priority. Did you know that your family members are probably more likely to get injured or hurt at home than anywhere else? It’s true! So, make sure you read this advice to keep you family safe in the home:

Kitchen Safety

The kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house, for more than on reason. For starters, there’s lots of sharp cutlery and utensils about. These can be quite hazardous, especially if you have curious young children! Always bear that in mind and make sure you don’t leave any sharp objects out. Keep them hidden away and safely out of your children’s reach.

Secondly, you have a sink and lots of electrical appliances in the same room. It’s not hard for someone to spill a bit of water on an appliance and cause a safety hazard. My advice is to make sure everyone is always careful when filling things up with water. Also, ensure the appliances you buy all have rubber tubing covering any leads.

The final kitchen safety issue is possibly the biggest one. Most kitchens will still have a gas powered cooktop to cook things on. When something is powered by gas, there’s always a slight risk of a gas leak happening. Always check your cooker isn’t leaking gas, the easiest way to do this is to smell it. Obviously, a gas leak can be very harmful to everyone in your house and should be sorted right away. Call your local plumber and get it sorted as soon as possible. Or, alternatively, get an electric powered one to rule out the risk completely.

Safety On The Stairs

A lot of household accidents happen on the stairs. Someone could be walking up or down them and trip on something and fall. To make your family feel safer in the home, you need to have proper stair safety.

My advice is to ensure that no one leaves anything on the stairs; they should be bare at all times. If you see a cuddly toy on them, make sure you move it right away. Also, if your stairs aren’t carpeted, you have to make sure they aren’t slippery. You can do this by perhaps sticking some sort of gripping tape on each stair. This way, people won’t slip if they run up in socks.

Bathroom Safety

It’s a close tie between the stairs and the bathroom for where the most amount of slip and fall accidents occur. Naturally, there will be a lot of water in your bathroom, and it can splash onto the floor. Most bathrooms have tiled floors so this will make them slippery. Immediately, you can see the safety risk here.

A simple way around this is to get bathroom rugs or towels and lay them on the floor. This way, if any water splashes down, the rugs/towels will catch it. Thus, your floor is not slippery, and your bathroom is safer for your family.

By following this advice, your home will be a lot safer for your family to live in. You’ll have fewer accidents and be ready for any issues if they do occur.

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