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Scott Volk
Scott Volk

The more you know about safety, the better protected you will be. Technology is always being upgraded and developed. When you keep software updated, you’re much less vulnerable to security risks. If your browser or anti-virus software is telling you to update it, don’t wait any longer.  And only use software from companies you trust and have a good reputation. Here are some tips and suggestions on security technology that everyone should know about and are currently available.

Facebook – One-Time Passwords

It’s always safer using a “one-time password” when logging onto your Facebook account from a public computer. Unfamiliar computers can have software that’s used to store your log-in ID and passwords. To use Facebook’s one-time password, you have to register your phone with Facebook, text the message “otp” (one-time password) to 32665 (FBOOK), and Facebook will reply with a temporary password you can use to log into your account so you don’t have to use your regular password. It only works once and it’s only good for 20 minutes so it doesn’t matter if the temporary password is recorded.

Google “SafeSearch” – Block Content You Don’t Want Your Children To See

SafeSearch is designed to screen sites that contain explicit content from Google’s search results. Google has SafeSearch set to “moderate” by default, but you can modify your settings to “strict” to prevent explicit text as well as images from appearing in your search results. To change your settings, click search settings at the top right of the Google homepage.

child web surfing

Child-friendly web browsers

For younger kids (under 8), you may want to use a special web browser that provides a fun, cartoon-like interface and access to age-appropriate games and education content.

These can be helpful, but be careful — just because something is labeled “educational” doesn’t mean it is good for your kids. If you wouldn’t let your children watch cartoons on TV all day long, you shouldn’t let them play on the computer all day either.

My Mobile Watch Dog – Monitor Your Child’s Mobile Phone Behavior

Monitor your your children’s phone calls, text messages, photos, and email by date, status, time, and action from any web browser. You can receive text or email alerts of any unauthorized activity which includes the actual text, photo or unauthorized phone number. You can block applications and view all mobile internet activity because everything is logged and accessible from a My Mobile Watchdog account.

phone safetyPrey – Track Your Phone or Laptop If It Gets Stolen

Track your phone or laptop if it ever gets lost or stolen with Prey. It’s an open source software that’s free for anyone to use. When your computer or phone connects to a open Wi-Fi, Prey checks in with a specified Web address to see if it’s lost or stolen. Prey checks in every time it connects online.

That’s Suspicious Behavior – Community and Campus Crime Prevention App

People use technology to avoid traffic and road construction. Now they can use it to avoid walking into an unsafe situation. That’s Suspicious Behavior phone app offers everyone the ability to highlight crimes committed in your neighborhood and behavior that doesn’t feel or appear safe so your friends, family, and neighbors can avoid dangerous situations by viewing reported activity on a map. That’s Suspicious Behavior can be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes.

The bottom line is that everyone should be concerned about safety. People hear about crimes that occur online and offline after they’ve been committed, but technology can help prevent crimes from occurring. Benjamin Franklin once said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Scott Volk is a technology-industry entrepreneur based in Redondo Beach, CA. He’s the Co-Founder of mobile safety app that will be lunching this year.

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