Three Things Every Woman Should Know About Money

Three Things Every Woman Should Know About Money

Editor’s Note: Huffington Post Women contributor , a Vice President of Wealth Strategies at Ameriprise Financial, offers some financial advice and includes three specific things for women to consider…

My maternal grandmother was unusual for her time. A farmer’s wife, mother and teacher most of her life, she was a wage earner during a time when most women didn’t work. But despite her status, she lacked some of the financial freedoms and opportunities many of us take for granted today. In light of Women’s History Month, I took a look back to reflect on the progress women have made on the financial front. We’ve come a long way since my grandmother’s time — and that is something to celebrate.

What can you do to take advantage of this progress? Consider the following…

We are earning more than ever before. Manage your money well.

We have access to credit. Borrow wisely.

We have buying power. Take advantage of it.

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