Women of the World: Power and Leadership

Editor’s Note: Marlo Thomas has a great President’s Day piece at HuffingtonPost and reminds us that no woman has become President of the United States, a feat that has been accomplished in many countries around the world.

For many of us, Presidents Day means an extra day off work and the chance to hit up the holiday sales. But, as we recall from our school days, it’s actually more than that. What originally began as a day to honor the birth of George Washington has evolved into a grand celebration of the office itself — an office that has, so far, only been occupied by men.

Not that American women haven’t taken a shot at it. A handful have made memorable runs for the Presidency — from Victoria Woodhull and Belva Ann Lockwood in the nineteenth century, to Shirley Chisholm and Hillary Clinton in our lifetime. (Gracie Allen even did a brief run in 1940, under the banner of the Surprise Party!)

But America has never leapt over that final gender barrier by electing a woman to our highest office — and the interesting thing is, so many countries around the world have achieved that equality.

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