Woman: Person or Property?


Editor’s Note: Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks at HuffingtonPost.com have a provocative piece on what they describe as “The Republican War On Women.”

Think for a moment about the entire verbal output of all the candidates in the Republican debates of the last few months. Did you hear any candidate say anything at all about women’s rights, except to call for cutting them back? One candidate, Rick Santorum, even runs on a platform of preventing women from getting contraceptives. Normally this sort of thing would be called “being a religious fanatic,” but in the context of a stable of candidates all so cowardly as to refuse to breathe a word about women’s rights, Santorum’s position didn’t seem that extreme.

There is an unanswered question behind and beneath all the effort the right wing puts into such activities as shaming women about abortion and demonizing Planned Parenthood. Once you understand the importance of the question, you can see the mind-numbing fear that grips the Republican heart.

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