3 Ways Women Can Push Through the Glass Ceiling

Editor’s Note: Geri Stengel of ForbesWoman interviewed Jorge Calderon, the venture capitalist behind Springworks, an organization focused on developing businesses run by women and minority innovators.

Jorge Calderon was a venture capitalist who wanted to invest where others weren’t. He found his under-served market: women- and minority-owned businesses.

Only problem was, he couldn’t find entrepreneurs in that niche. He was sure they were there; he just couldn’t find them. So four years ago, he started Springworks to show women and minority innovators how to catch the eye of venture capitalists.

What he’s really doing is rebuilding the eco-system of women- and  minority-owned businesses to match that of men. For him that means helping entrepreneurs become visible to VCs, build networks, and structure their companies.

Read more at Forbes.com.

Also see Stengel’s piece, “Being Tough Isn’t the Same as Being a Bitch.”

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