Tech’s Glass Ceiling Looks Stronger Than Ever — But Companies Aren’t Telling

Editor’s Note: Huffington Post’s Senior Tech Editor Bianca Bosker looks at the tech sector’s continued challenges with the glass ceiling, despite the industry’s reputation for “disruption, innovation, and a total disregard for the status quo. … the Silicon Ceiling looks as robust as ever — if not more so.”

Though the tech sector prides itself on disruption, innovation, and a total disregard for the status quo, there’s one part of it that appears impervious to change: the glass ceiling.

Even as other traditionally male-dominated sectors, such as financial services industry, have diversified their ranks by adding more female leaders, the tech industry has lagged behind in admitting women to top roles, as well as tracking their progress in the workplace, according to a Thomson Reuters report examining changes in gender equality between 2005 and 2010.

Tech companies have been worse than firms in other sectors at monitoring the number of women they employ, which makes analyzing changes in gender diversity “almost impossible,” writes Thomson Reuters’ André Chanavat in his analysis. Just nine tech companies out of 254 shared data on the share of their total workforce and management team that was female in 2005 and 2010.

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