Does This Need a Meeting? [Infographic]

Does This Need a Meeting

How often do you find yourself attending a work meeting that was poorly planned, inefficient, or just plain pointless? We’ve all been there. Too often, in the corporate world, schedules get filled up with meetings that aren’t actually providing value to the company or its employees. The cost of bad meetings in the United States is staggering: $37 billion is wasted each year on unproductive meetings that could’ve been an email.

To help make sure the meetings you do hold are valuable, follow simple tips like setting a timer and writing an agenda. Look at the attendance list and ask yourself if everyone who is attending really should be. Spending a few minutes upfront thinking critically about the meetings you host will help them be more valuable for all team members. You might even find that you don’t really need to host the meeting after all.

Fundera created a fun flowchart to help you determine whether or not you need to host a meeting to accomplish your goals. Follow the chart to learn whether you should grab a conference room for collaboration, or if the problem can be solved in a more efficient manner.

Does This Need a Meeting

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