Every Home Deserves a Cozy Reading Nook

Every Home Deserves a Cozy Reading Nook

It doesn’t matter how amazing Instagram makes travelling look, or how much Netflix tries to entice us with all their “Original” series, nothing beats cuddling up with a good book on a Sunday afternoon, your belly filled with a healthy lunch meal, the windows stained with raindrop tears. It’s one of those things that warm our souls, one of those things that takes us on an incredible journey without us needing to move our feet and one of those things that help us grow.

Knowing all this, why haven’t you created a designated reading corner yet?

Whether it is for you or your kids, whether it is in an unused corner, your loft or on a windowsill, having a cozy space you can go for a little bit of peace, quiet and R&R is one of the most incredible transformations you can ever make. What’s more, they are surprisingly easy to create, as you are about to find out:

  1. Only Two Essentials

The only things you need to create an idyllic reading nook is comfy seating and good lighting. That’s it. They’re the secret ingredients. Everything else is luxury. Our advice: either get an oversized bean bag from www.ComfySacks.com/ and a book-savvy lamp or line your favorite windowsill with some comfy cushions. Voila, now all you need is a great book.

  1. Look for The Awkward

So many houses are plagued by that one awkward space. It could be a weird shaped wall or that area of nothingness beneath the stairs or the attic that has super low-ceilings. Whatever it, stop tutting every time you walk past it and accept it’s the perfect place to have a little reading corner. Cushions on the floor, a rocking chair, a chaise-lounge; anything that fits will work.

  1. Away From the World

If you have kids, and part of your bedtime routine is to read a story or two together, one of the best ways to add to the drama of it all is to create a hideaway from the world. Our advice: go to www.ikea.com/, buy yourself a cheap canopy, hang it in a corner, put a lantern in there and create a cozy little cave that your kids will love curling up in. Trust us, there will be no more bedtime battles.

  1. Look For The Light

The best spaces to read are the ones that are flooded with natural light, preferably in the evening. So, ideally, you want to be looking for that corner of your home that has a nice, big window, whether it’s in your modern living room or traditional kitchen. Once you’ve discovered it, find a way to transform it. Add a couple of matching chairs separated by a reading table, or add a couple of mismatched chairs separated by nothing, or put a cushioned bench there, or an upholstered ottoman. Whatever takes your fancy; whatever is going to encourage you to slip off here and read.

As you can see, there are so many routes you can go down, so many options to explore and so many ways to make your reading dreams a reality and, best of all, none of them is unobtainable.

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