Peaceful Runaway: 5 Ideas for Perfect Solo Weekend

Peaceful Runaway 5 Ideas for Perfect Solo Weekend

Have you had a stressful and busy week? In this busy era, sometimes you may feel like you just want to put a hold on your social connections and interactions and spend the weekend solo. There is no harm in doing that. In fact, it is natural and normal to give yourself quality ‘me time’.

Spending time alone has lots of benefits, especially if you had a stressful week. It gives you the opportunity to learn how to love yourself and also gain self-confidence. Spending quality time by yourself also helps you to recharge.

Here are five ways how you can have an interesting yet fun solo weekend.

  1. Take a Long Walk or Hike

This is one of the best and enjoyable activities you can do on your own during the weekends. You will not only enjoy the nature but also have a chance to calm your thoughts. Taking long walks will make you feel relaxed and at peace. It is the only chance you get to appreciate nature – lovely flowers, beautiful butterflies and birds singing.

When you go for long walks during weekends, it is an excellent opportunity to keep fit if you have limited time during the weekdays to hit the gym.

  1. Go out for Shopping

ShoppingFor once, go out for shopping alone. Take a chance to pamper yourself as you let go of the week’s stress. Feel free to visit any store and fit into any clothing or shoes without the influence of your friends. Also, some of your friends might be hurrying you up while others are slowing you down. Go for shopping solo this weekend, and for sure you will have lots of fun.

Visit the best jewelry stores to shop for unique and beautiful ornaments. Is cash a problem? Do not worry; window shopping can also help you relax and divert your thoughts from the busy week.

  1. Visit the Spa

visit the spaVisiting the spa is the perfect way to spend your weekend. You will experience more than just relaxation in the spa. Visiting the spa will not only make your skin soft but also improve your general health.

The steam rooms are the best place to be on a Saturday afternoon. Feeling the steam on your skin and your pores opening can be the most relaxing moment on your day off from work.

Are you feeling a little stiff? Visit the spa during the weekend to have that message you have always dreamt off. The message will help you relax and also restoring your muscles to their full functions. Trust me, hitting the spa will make you relax during the day thus making you sleep soundly at night. You will not only wake up with a feeling happier but also feel healthier.

Having facial, manicure and pedicure services will help boost your confidence and increase your ‘self-love’.

  1. Visit Your Local Museum

visit the museumVisiting your local museum can be an exciting experience without the presence of your friends who sometimes influence your every move. Also, visiting the museum solo means the absence of annoying tour guides who order your every step and explain almost everything.

There are many exciting things in the museum that can keep you engaged almost the whole day. Visiting solo will make you decide the time you want to spend on every item without anyone pushing you around or becoming impatient. You get the chance to learn about your culture and traditions without any interruptions or unnecessary emphasis from the tour guides.

  1. Visit your Favorite Restaurants

Of cause, you have a favorite place that makes delicious dishes. Do not be ashamed of the large quantities that you order. Nobody will judge you except the waiter serving you – but this should not worry you.

You can order any dish while still experimenting on new ones just for fun. Don’t forget to wrap up the meal with your favorite dessert.

There you go, you can spend your weekend solo and still have lots of fun without the influence of your friends. It is important to give yourself adequate ‘me time’ for you to live healthily and learn how to love yourself more. Give it a try to realize the benefits!

Denise C. Silva is a small business owner at AtlantisSpaOttawa the most established beauty spa and salon in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. When not at the spa she is an avid social media fan.

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