Don’t Bump My Happiness

March 20, 2012 0

When I was five years old, my birthday landed on Easter. There was an egg hunt at my uncle’s and the prize was a Golden Egg.  My heart was racing with excitement as I gazed […]

The Happiness Project

March 9, 2012 1

Has your life’s exclamation point . . . become an exasperation point?  The highlights of life can be sabotaged by discontentment, discouragement and frustration.  Sometimes we have to re-arrange the way we do things, in […]

Be Fearless

February 28, 2012 4

The dictionary defines “fearless” as: Brave, courageous, bold, adventurous. The opposite of fearless is, well “fear” – worry, doubt, anxiety and apprehension. When I was eight, I spent the night at my grandma’s farmhouse. She […]

Cancer Interrupted – When Life Strikes

February 21, 2012 17

I met up with a friend today. You know this friend – she’s the one who makes your life greater for being in it. That’s her, my new friend Niki – Mom extraordinaire, an incredible photographer, a […]

What Sexy Looks Like

February 10, 2012 1

Have you ever been eating a fantastic dessert, holding an interesting conversation and then looked down and thought, “Who Ate My Pie?” As I’ve raised kids, started and sold a business, worked from home and […]

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