What Sexy Looks Like

Stephanie Pletka
Stephanie Pletka

Have you ever been eating a fantastic dessert, holding an interesting conversation and then looked down and thought, “Who Ate My Pie?”

As I’ve raised kids, started and sold a business, worked from home and dealt with life’s struggles and juggles, I looked up and wondered:  “Where did my Sexy Go?”

I started looking for it.  Did someone steal it from under my nose?  Did I loose it on the way to having kids?  Did it get tired of seeing me wear PJs till noon during the baby years?  Had I not made room for it amongst soccer, ballet, deadlines and dishes?  Was there not an extra seat in my minivan?

As I began to search for my distant friend, I had to remember what it looked like.  Had it matured?  Could we still be friends?  Would we fit together with the ease we once knew?  Would we recognize one another?

Defining “sexy” is a bit ambiguous. Sexy is more than a little black dress, heels, red lipstick and a come-hither attitude.

Sexy is:

  1. Confident
  2. Strong / Independent
  3. Chivalrous
  4. It’s Quiet, it’s Loud
  5. It’s Smart
  6. It’s Empowered
  7. It’s Vulnerable
  8. It’s Courageous
  9. It’s Capable
  10. It’s Authentic

Sexy is an attitude. A mindset without a specific physical look.  Sexy is not whiny, needy, in constant longing of affirmation. It’s not weak.  It’s not crying over why your life didn’t turn out the way you expected.

Sexy pulls you up by the boot straps and turns your life around, makes changes you’ve always needed but hadn’t.  It’s the girl that realizes she’s the BOSS of her OWN life, the leading lady in her own movie, the conductor of her own train, the decider of her own fate.

With every decision you make and every word that comes from your mouth, choose to be confident and empowered. Sexy either lives here or it doesn’t and a little black dress is just one of its many outfits.

Here’s to celebrating the Empowered You – now that’s sexy!

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Stephanie Pletka is the creator of the blog, Spit-up & Heels. She lives in Alpharetta, GA with her husband John and four children, Jack, Will, Andrew and Ava.

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  1. LOVE this post, Stephanie!!! I never think about my “sexyness” these days, but you’ve got me thinking! MeaningfulWomen.com is all about empowerment – but what a great reminder that being confident, kind and empowered IS SEXY! I love it!! Thanks!!!!!

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