Happy Birthday, Sarah Palin (February 11, 1964)

Sarah Palin (Photo courtesy of Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com)
Sarah Palin

Love her or hate her, admirable or antichrist, Sarah Palin has made an indelible mark on American politics since rising to prominence in 2008 when John McCain, the Republican U.S. Senator from Arizona, selected her to be his Vice Presidential running-mate in the Presidential election against the Democrat’s ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Palin is undoubtedly a polarizing figure, but regardless of how you feel about her, she deserves acknowledgement as a woman for stepping into the political spotlight and seizing the opportunity given her. We need more women sitting at the head of the table, whether it’s in government, business, any other leadership positions.

Palin was the first Republican female VP candidate and chosen from relative obscurity as Governor of Alaska, where she was the youngest person and first woman to be elected to that position.

Palin, who turns 48 today, February 11, is a best-selling author, political commentator, public speaker, wife to Todd, and mother of five children.

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Photo courtesy of Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com.

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