10 of the Best Cycling Vacations for Families

10 of the Best Cycling Vacations for Families

Some adults tend to give up their adventurous riding as they settle down as parents. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can opt to go on with your cycling escapades as a family. It will be a fun way to bond, stay together and explore the world in the company of people you love.

You will need to choose cycling vacation locations that will be suitable for a family.  A family cycling vacation may not be the ideal event to go looking for the toughest cycling terrains. Instead, look out for beginner and children friendly routes and terrains.

A key consideration for when you are planning your trip is your budget. Keep in mind that it is going to be a bit more expensive to go for a cycling vacation with your family than it would be on your own. Another important tip is to keep your bikes well-maintained, starting from the drivetrain (which includes sprockets, chain, and chainset). If you suspect that anything may be broken, it’s better to find a replacement before starting a trip.

Below is a list if 10 cycling destinations ideal for families that you can research further if planning for a cycling vacation with your family.

  1. Hadrian’s wall in UK

The Hadrian wall offer scenic views of Britain’s country side as well as numerous historic sites. There are various cycling routes that pass through forts of Chester, Houseteads, cycling routes on the shoreline and along the old roman Empire.

  1. Emerald Coast in France

There is a family friendly cycling route that transverses through the beaches and coves, back roads that lead to Brittany and into Dinard, a town by the sea. While the route has two steep stretches for the most part it is a level stretch along River Rance.

  1. Fjords and Mountains in Norway

The Fjords and Mountains in Norway offer a spectacular view of the Lofoten Islands in the far North and a scenic downhill route on the Old Navies Road. Besides cycling, you and your family can engage in other recreational activities such as traditional fishing. It is worth noting that a cycling vacation to Fjords and Mountains in Norway with your family will be on the expensive end. Therefore, plan and budget for it adequately.

  1. Monasteries and castles in Austria

Danube and Wachu Valley in Austria offer a family friendly cycling route. The cycling routes are mostly flat with occasional hills that transverse through vineyards, forests, abbeys, apricot orchards and castles. Your children will be delighted by the views of the castles and the monasteries.

  1. Barge and Bicycle in Netherlands

To get the most out of your cycling trip to Bruges, plan your itinerary to cover both Amsterdam and Bruges.  Travel by barge from Amsterdam and from there cycle crisscrossing through the Dutch meadows, the windmills of Kinderdijk into the Flemish and Ghent countryside.

  1. Orchards and olives groves in Spain

The North East side of Barcelona offers lovely rural roads for cycling ideal for both children over the age of 8 as well as adults.  Explore the olive groves, orchards and fishing ports. Culminate your vacation by exploring the 14th century castle.

  1. Forests and ferries in England

The forests areas of England offer a traffic free route to explore the New Forest National Park. The cycling route comprises of gravel tracks and old railway lines that are no longer in use.  You can plan your itinerary to include a trip to the Burley villages, Brochenhurst and Beaulieu and then link to Yarmouth by ferry. End your trip with a visit to the Isle of Wright.

  1. Kasbahs and nomads in Morocco

The tribal villages and oases in Kasbahs offer older children and intermediate riders an intermediate terrain through the Berber Heartland on the lee side of the High Atlas Mountains. To make your vacation even more adventurous and fun, you can slot in a camel trek into a nomad camp in the Sahara Desert while exploring the Souks of Marrakech.

  1. Volcanoes and rainforests in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers one of the best exotic cycling vacations especially for older children (teenagers).  There is a wide variety of locations to explore including the volcano craters of the pacific and Atlantic Ocean, National parks with a wide variety of wildlife including the Capuchin monkeys and tapir as well as a chance for white water rafting.

  1. Loire in France

If you’re looking for a peaceful riding vacation in the quiet country lanes and shady woodlands, take the Loire route to explore the magnificence of chateaux, beautiful gardens in Chaumont into the medieval towns.

Whether you are looking for an exclusive bike riding family vacation, or a family vacation that will include cycling among other activities there are a wide variety of locations to choose from. You can go to Morocco, Costa Rica, Netherlands, England, France and any other location you find exciting. Make sure to carefully research your preferred destination to ensure that it is suitable for your family. Plan your itinerary and budget well to ensure you have the best vacation ever.

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