10 Signs You Made the Wrong Hire [Infographic]

10 Signs You Made the Wrong Hire

We all know how important making a good hire is. An innovative and collaborative team member can add a lot of value, but a bad apple can reduce morale and impact the bottom line. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, 42% of companies said that a bad hire cost them at least $25,000 in the past year and 25% said a bad hire cost them $50,000.

You can make sure you hire the right people by taking your time and going beyond a simple interview. You should take into account how the person’s skills and personality will fit into your team and have them interviewed by multiple team members. You should also check references and, if applicable, have the applicant do a simple test project to understand their thought process.

However, even when you feel like you’ve done a thorough job of interviewing someone, sometimes a bad hire still slips through the cracks. Bad hires come in all forms from lazy employees to people that are stubborn and unwilling to adapt. To remind you of what to look out for, GetVoIP created this infographic on signs that you’ve made a wrong hire.

10 Signs You Made the Wrong Hire
Infographic courtesy of GetVoIP.com

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