10 Simple Reasons Why Template Websites Stink

Have you ever noticed that many websites look the same? They might only have a few visual differences. Otherwise, they are almost identical.

Those sites are ones that use templates – off-the-shelf themes that one can apply to any site. An alternate solution strongly worth considering is the use of adaptive websites from our friends at Adaptively.

You might think that templates are a brilliant way of getting a website up and running fast. But, the truth is they stink and for ten good reasons:

1. They aren’t unique

An obvious point to make, I know, but website templates aren’t unique in the slightest! As you may have already seen, they get used on many websites. In fact, some templates can get seen on thousands of sites!

2. They don’t stand out from the crowd

It doesn’t matter if you run a business or are trying to establish a brand. What does matter is you have a unique and memorable website. Template sites are sometimes memorable but for the wrong reasons!

3. They can be hard to customize

I’ve seen many examples of templates and website themes. Sure, they might look appealing in their demo sites. But, when you try to set one up on your site, it can soon turn into a nightmare scenario!

4. Technical support is almost non-existent

Many template authors provide little to no support for their products. What that means is buyers get left on their own to try and resolve any issues. As you can imagine, those without Web design experience can find things frustrating.

5. There is no scope for flexibility

The thing I love about bespoke sites from Web designers is there is always room for flexibility. I had a look at vibecreative.co.uk and saw the code behind their sites. They aren’t strict or rigid. Look at the code for a template, and you’ll find a different story.

6. The code just doesn’t make any sense

The main issue with templates is they often get built by developers . Not designers AND developers! That results in a website that takes a long time to render because of HTML and CSS errors.

7. They are cheap

You know that old adage, “you get what you pay for”? It rings true with website templates! They are cheap to buy, and there’s a reason for that. You might pay for a “premium” product from places like themeforest.net. But, does that always mean you GET a premium product?

8. They devalue the Web Design industry

There are plenty of starving Web designers out there. They have excellent design skills, and have a creative eye for detail. But, how can they compete with cheap templates? You might not think it, but templates are devaluing the industry as a whole.

9. Updates can ruin your site

The template authors that do issue updates for their themes often end up breaking sites that use them! That’s because some authors fail to test their updates well enough before releasing them.

10. They won’t capture your vision for your website

Last, but not least, templates aren’t unique to your site. That means you’ll be missing out on features you want for your website.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

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