5 Appliances That Make Cleaning Fun

5 Appliances That Make Cleaning Fun

The majority of the population despises the task of cleaning. What if I told you that there are 5 appliances that could make cleaning a fun chore to look forward to? Is it possible? Yes, yes, it is. One of the most common misconceptions about house chores is that you shouldn’t enjoy it. We have a few solutions to ease your cleaning blues.

I for one find myself daydreaming about the next best gadget on the market to assist in my cleaning routine. The one ever evolving item I find myself willing to spend the most money on, without thinking twice, is always a new vacuum cleaner. There are lots of vacuums on the market — we’ve even found the best vacuum for cat litter and other recommended cordless vacuums — but one style that seems like a game changer is a robot-vacuum that can clean while you catch up on your favorite book, sipping on that glass of wine you’ve looked forward to all day. Better yet, imagine leaving to run errands during the day while your robot-vacuum picks up the mess your children left that morning during breakfast. How perfect would it be if everything in our homes were this magical?

Something that is recently new to the market is a washer and dryer pair that can wash and dry both a large and small load simultaneously. You can throw your little black dress in the small compartment on top while also washing those dirty work clothes from your spouse in the bottom. When they are finished, toss them in their matching dryer compartment and wait to be in awe! Don’t forget that the top small compartments can also wash and dry a favorite teddy bear delicately without wasting water and unnecessary energy in the larger, full-size drums.

How convenient would it be to have easy access to your weekly cleaning list which would magically appear on your refrigerator with the tap of a finger? The future is here, in the form of a smart refrigerator where you have the ability to create grocery lists, cleaning lists, the family’s schedule, and even play your favorite music! What’s better than listening to your favorite song while washing the dishes? You’ll never have to keep another magnetic pad of paper or rows of post-it notes on your fridge again. To top it off, everything that is on the smart refrigerator is also accessible on your phone.

Speaking of washing dishes, wouldn’t you look forward to the task at hand more often if the kitchen faucet could change colors according the temperature of the water? You could even teach your children the importance of hand washing with warm water. Show them how the colors coordinate with the various temperatures by just simply looking at the color displayed. They would then be able to recognize if it was too hot or too cold without having to test it out with their hands, potentially running the risk of burning themselves.

In my opinion, cleaning is much more fun when the kids are involved. They love to stay busy and are always wanting to do what their parents are doing. An easy, beginner task for them to take on is cleaning hard surfaced floors with a steam mop. They’re easy to use and don’t require dragging a bucket full of dirty, soapy water around. With no chemical cleaners to worry about, it makes for a fun and easy task to start teaching them the importance of cleaning and responsibilities.

Overall, having fun while cleaning is all in what you make it. A new cleaning appliance that eases the task at hand will always make it seem less like a chore and more like a game! While you’re now excited to find some fun new gadgets, check out this site for a few more specific items! Happy Cleaning!

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