5 Benefits to Using Microsoft Office 2010

5 Benefits to Using Microsoft Office 2010

With the rapid growth of businesses from every industry and the need for computer tools that can help them adapt and stay in the competition arises as well. From academic papers to financial auditing, people have continually sought for computer programs that can help them complete various tasks efficiently. This is where the Microsoft Office Suite, a compilation of different productivity applications, can bring in more convenience to a typical work or school set up.

Microsoft recently released the most powerful edition of MS Office, packed with all the most recent updates designed to improve the overall user experience. Microsoft Office 2010 already includes the most important and useful features, making it significantly better and more functional than the previous versions. MS Office 2010 may already have the best software and features that a regular university student or an employee needs. But for beginners, learning to use the program and master all the features and elements can be very overwhelming.

If you are still looking for a computer application to help you in your business, school works, and other purposes, then better check out the full features of Microsoft Office 2010. Read more about the five key benefits of using MS Office 2010 and maximize its potential for personal, business, or academic use.

  1. Real-time Collaboration

Similar to a work setting in which members of the team can interact and work on a project effectively, Microsoft Office 2010 lets you do the same in the comforts of your own home. Document sharing from within Office programs like MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Powerpoint is already possible with the 2010 version. This also eliminates the need to use portable storage devices to transfer files between computers. With this feature, several users can work on separate documents and be able to monitor the progress of all the members of the group in real-time.

  1. Browser Compatibility

In a rapidly expanding business, team members may have to work at different locations, making editing, storing, and transferring of documents more of a challenge. Sometimes, Microsoft Office applications are not installed nor readily available in computers outside the offices. Office 2010 Web Apps offers a great solution by allowing documents to be edited and reviewed using different supported browsers such Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

  1. Improved Organization

A popular Microsoft Office 2010 component, Outlook 2010, already includes some of the latest features including mail tips and conversation management tools which are helpful in keeping you reminded of future plans and organize them as needed.

  1. Offline Work

Regardless of the nature of the business, it can not be helped if employees will need to work in an area with poor internet connection. But with Sharepoint Workspace 2010, users can now download content from any supported site and use the data to work on any assignment offline.

  1. Protection from Threats

With the addition of the ‘Protected View’ feature to Microsoft Office 2010, your email attachments and other internet files are now safer from malware more than ever. This feature also keeps your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files protected from malware and other security threats.

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