5 Reasons to Live in a Condo in Santa Monica, California

5 Reasons to Live in a Condo in Santa Monica, California

Living in Southern California is not very popular for its affordability, and in fact, cities like Santa Monica boast of some of the most expensive rental homes in the nation.

For people looking for reasonably priced homes, there is still some level of hope, as condo units offer some of the most decent homes at the most reasonable prices. Here are some of the top reasons condo living is the best option in Santa Monica:


Popular residential areas of course come at a higher price, and not everyone can offer these prices. If you want a home that is located within a city center, and popular residential areas, you might have to settle for a condo unit. Santa Monica is of course one of the most popular and sough after places to live in, and this translates into abundance of condo unit choices; with some coming in luxurious options. If you are considering to move to Santa Monica, you should check out these Santa Monica condos for sale.

Low Maintenance

Of course, living in a condo unit within a larger apartment building guarantees that there will be fewer maintenance burdens placed on you. The condo associations usually are in charge of all fixes towards the condo units, and this is particularly helpful for the elderly who are in poor health and the very busy who do not have time to take actions towards maintenance.

Community Living

This is a benefit that would be appreciated very much by condo unit owners who are particularly social and enjoy close neighbor relationships. Living in a regular single family home might not allow you much in terms of maintaining a community relationship, but with living in a condo unit, there is very little one can do to avoid these communal runs. Some condo associations organize events to gather unit owners together, and tenants within the building can meet and interact at these events, creating a good sense of community relationship between the neighbors.

Access to Modern Amenities

With other homes and real estate options, investing in a house that comes with modern amenities would take a huge chunk out of most people’s finances. So many of these amenities are way too expensive for homeowners, but with living in a condo, there is unrestricted access to the amenities, at a much more affordable price. The fees are usually within the homeowner’s association fees each condo unit owner has to pay, and the fees go towards maintaining these amenities. Most modern condo units in Santa Monica come with fitness centers, spas, parks, and swimming pools. Access to the facilities can also bring the community closer together as they use these amenities together. You can consult a Santa Monica realtor to know about the standard amenities in condos.


Not just the cost of living in Santa Monica is high, some of the neighborhoods can be unsafe, and the costs of insuring extra security can be pricey. Most condo units within a larger building come with security details attached to them, and this would be beneficial to younger families who require a safer, more family-friendly environment.

Condo units are gaining popularity by the year, with their profits for real estate investors, and the low rates they come at. For young families, retirees and single professionals living in Santa Monica, living in condo units can be the best, cheapest, and safest option for them.

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