6 Simple Ways to Change Your Home for this Spring

welcome the nature

After a long and cold winter, the stuff in our homes tends to pile up to make it cozier and warmer. However, with spring knocking on our doors, it’s time to get rid of everything and make space for fresh new air, warm light and some lighter colors. We don’t need all those fabrics anymore to make us warm, but there are some things that will freshen up your space and still keep it cozy.

The big clean up

Everyone knows about the big spring cleaning method and they should respect it. It is a perfect opportunity to get rid of bulky clothes, piled up blankets and clean up all the piled-up dust and dirt from our windows and homes. So, schedule one weekend before spring to clean up your home thoroughly and make space for fresher things. Also, don’t forget to check every nook and cranny and organize a small yard sale and make an extra buck along the way.

Brighter colors

During certain seasons, we tend to mimic the outdoors in our homes through colors. This is especially true when spring comes around. So, ditch the dark colors you brought inside to keep your house warm, and replace them with the bright shades of spring. All the deep jewel tones, browns and blacks should be put aside to make way for fresh pastels and bright primary colors. You can do this by repainting your rooms into shades of yellow, light greens, purples and reds. Also, you can switch the old throw pillows and cushions for some brightly colored ones and introduce some floral patterns. It will be worth it, since the atmosphere will exude freshness and still preserve the coziness we all want.

New piecesNew pieces

Having your curtains professionally cleaned can improve the cleanliness, freshness and colors of any room. Your curtains are close to your windows and essentially work as filters for dust, debris and other pollutants that are in the air. Over time, your curtains can become a health risk and also start to look worn and tired.  It’s highly recommended to have your curtains cleaned every spring to keep them in long lasting, healthy condition. This will also protect your family members from any nasties that are living with your curtains folds and creases and eliminate insects, insect frass and other insects that make home within your curtains pleats.”

Since this is the time of rebirth, you should make your home feel the same. If you have some older pieces of furniture lying around looking shabby and dull, it’s probably time to replace them. You can give them away to the less fortunate, while you can treat yourself with some new pieces. Replace your old dark wood chairs and tables with something lighter and with some metal elements. Also, if your living room sofa is all worn out or you simply don’t like its shape or color anymore, you can take a look at some stylish sofas and give your living room a simple refreshment. Additionally, you can replace old cabinets, or at least their doors, or give your furniture a fresh coat of paint. However, don’t overlook the accessories, and dress your home with new lamps, vases, cushions, rugs and everything else that comes to your mind.

Welcome the nature

It is nice to see the blooming flowers in your garden, but why not bring them inside? You should think about introducing some gorgeous indoor plants and put them in some minimalistic or colorful pots. Place them besides your windows or in the abandoned corners of your living room and instantly breathe in more life into your home. Also, you can bring in a fresh bouquet each day and fill your home with pleasant soothing scents. However, you don’t have to stop there. Many designers recommend introducing natural fabrics and fibers into your home, such as cotton, wood, jute and sea grass. Additionally, you can provide a touch of nature by hanging up some art work of natural landscapes.

Introduce mirrors

Letting enough natural light inside is always recommended, but you can do a little something to make it even better and warmer in each room. The secret is in the mirrors. This doesn’t mean you should opt for a glass home or something like that. Instead, figure out where to put a few more mirrors in each room in order to let the light bounce off and brighten up the room and its mood. Consider a big mirror above the fireplace, a closet with mirror doors, or some smaller mirrors opposite the window and it will do the trick. Another possibility is finding furniture or accessories with reflective elements and shine light to the darkest corners of your home.

Different window treatments

During winter, you did your best to preserve the heat inside, and that’s why you had heavy draperies in darker colors. However, now it’s time to let the light inside. So, put away the big heave curtains and make way for the light and colorful curtains and shades. Also, you can consider window sheers and always be certain that you can preserve your privacy, while letting enough light shine inside your home.

Now that the winter days are over, it is time to turn to spring and fully embrace it into your home. There is a lot to do, so grab your cleaning kit and new refreshing pieces for your home and turn it into a real sanctuary for you and your family.

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