7 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Time Outdoors

7 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Time Outdoors

How to Spend More Hours Outdoors with Nature

After a year cooped up indoors, you are probably just about going stir crazy inside your home. However, a study conducted all the way back in 2019 revealed that not spending enough time outdoors has been a compliant among Americans since before the pandemic.

According to a survey of over 1,000 adults in the United States, 16 percent said they have never spent times in the great outdoors. A number of respondents, 31 percent, said that their work was the primary reason they don’t spend more time with nature.

Below are seven easy ways you can ensure you increase the amount of time you spend in the company of Mother Nature.

  • Build a Sundeck

Sometimes you want to spend more time outdoors but you don’t have the right place to do so. It’s fun to stay out under the sun but if you don’t have a proper roof or place to relax, it can be more stressful than fun. A sundeck can be easy to build and install, all you’ll need is a reliable polycarbonate supplier, some support beams and voila, you have your very own sundeck in which you enjoy fresh breezes and sunlight.

  • Bike More

Too many Americans use their cars to just go to a corner store or pop by downtown. Not only is this bad for the environment, but you are also severely underutilizing the time you can spend outdoors. Instead of polluting the air with your car’s fumes, why not break out the bicycle and exercise? You can work up a light sweat, see the sights and feel the wind on your face as you head for the nearest store.

  • Eat Alfresco

Meals are best savored when you are in a relaxing and beautiful environment. Although your home’s dining room is sure to be lovely, why not try eating alfresco? This refers to taking your meals outdoors and it can be quite refreshing. Bring your cutlery and plates to a picnic table or drag a small coffee table to a balcony or to your driveway. You can be pleasantly surprised by how much more appetizing food can be when you enjoy it with fresh flowers and the scent of mowed grass.

  • Maintain Plants

Gardening is the best way you try to maximize time outdoors. Maintaining the greenery on your property can not only give you some hours in your garden in the refreshing company of nature, but it can also increase the beauty of your home. Pruning your trees ensures that they grow healthier than ever, not to mention prevent them from falling onto your roof. So put on a pair of gardening gloves, grab some pruning shears and get to work on your backyard.

  • Play with Your Pet

Many pets enjoy frolicking about the backyard. Your cat might love to examine the grass and flowers for once instead of clambering on top of your cabinets. Your dog should always take plenty of exercise outside as staying exclusively indoors can be bad for them. So once a day, attach a leash to your pet and take them outdoors for an hour or two. Take a dog for a stroll around the block and you are not only providing them with much-needed respite, but you are also taking in the wonders of Nature.

  • Workout Outside

Exercise is an important cornerstone of your well-being and one that you shouldn’t only indulge while indoors. Gyms and similar establishments can be crowded and unpleasant, but a wooden deck or an outdoor patio can serve as a perfect exercise area. So when you are planning to bust out the weights, maybe you can take them outside instead of staying inside the home. You can even incorporate going outside with your workout. For example, take a brisk run or a lengthy jog in a nearby park. Include a hike on neighboring hill or ascend outdoor steps to give yourself much-needed cardio.

  • Begin Nature Photography

Nature has so many wonderful imagery and scenes it can be a shame to let them go without taking something to remember them by. Nature photography is a great hobby and has been the field of many talented photographers over the years. You can begin your own nature photography blog in your own backyard and neighborhood. Schedule hours when you can romp around the forests and fields looking for interesting sites to shoot and you may be astounded how beautiful the world around you can be.

Communing and reconnecting with nature is an essential part of improving yourself. So instead of staying in the confines of your home, seize every opportunity you can to spend more time with Mother Nature.

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