The Next Frontier of Feminism

March 12, 2012 5

“Women Power,” “Fearless Women,” “Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures,” and of course, “Feminist” – all of these wonderful and empowering words are flying around with March being Women’s History Month. Ever since we re-launched in […]

My New Favorite Basics: StyleMint Review

March 12, 2012 0

We were very happy to welcome BeachMint as’s first official sponsor in February. BeachMint is the company behind such brands as BeautyMint, JewelMint, ShoeMint and StyleMint. I’m a T-shirt girl, and basics are my […]

My Brush with Greatness

March 8, 2012 1

I sat glued to the screen for forty minutes as I viewed Saving Face, the Oscar-winning HBO documentary that premiers tonight on HBO. The story follows two Pakistani women, Zakia and Rukhsana, whose faces have […]

When I am an Old Woman, I’m Going to be Grumpy

February 25, 2012 3

Inspiration hits you at the strangest times. The stars aligned Thursday morning: an early-wake up by Annie, two days without a shower (forgive me, she’s 18 months old), a week without yoga, and a 12-year-old […]

Dear “Am I Ugly”

February 23, 2012 5

In case you missed it, the buzz on the Internet today is about a young girl’s posting on YouTube asking the community if she is ugly. “People say I’m ugly,” she says with the saddest […]

The Reality of Those Cute Shoes

February 20, 2012 1

I mindlessly slip on leather shoes all the time. I buy handbags based on the style, not the material.  But after coming across this post and watching a heart-breaking video this morning, these will never […]

Dumbing Us Down to Sell More Magazines

February 17, 2012 0

We get a lot of magazines here at the house.  It’s silly, considering we read most of our news online, but old habits are hard to break. Monday night, as I was headed to bed, […]

Small Acts of Kindness

February 15, 2012 0

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” – ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu In raising my children, I use the word “kind” a dozen times a day. […]

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