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Ellen Padnos
Ellen Padnos

As I mentioned last week, we were very happy to welcome BeachMint as’s first official sponsor in February. BeachMint is the hot, Los Angeles-based company behind such brands as BeautyMint, JewelMint, ShoeMint and StyleMint.

It seems like all the celebs are wearing accessories from JewelMint, so after the success of my Stylemint tee, I was excited to try something from the collection. Everything at JewelMint is designed by Kate Bosworth and her celebrity stylist, Cher Coulter, who are constantly designing new items – every month, JewelMint tries to recommend pieces personalized to everyone’s individual style.

Parisian Dream NecklaceI’m thrilled with my first piece from the collection!  I chose the Parisian Dream Necklace, which I thought was a great price at only $29.99. There’s only one problem: Every time I wear it, my daughter, Annie, tries to grab it and says, “I liiiiiiiiike.” It’s the cutest thing! She was instantly attracted to the necklace, which speaks to how natural it is for women to love jewelry. Here she is, at 19 months, already feeling the urge!

The shopping experience at JewelMint is fun. You start by taking a quick “style quiz” and from there you gain access to exclusive, handmade designer jewelry. Everything is $29.99, including free shipping.

JewelMint is definitely worth a try, and we’ve arranged for a special offer for the community! Please click here and use the code WOMEN50, good for 50% off your first JewelMint piece. This offer is for first time buyers only, and valid until 3/31/12.

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Ellen Padnos lives in Manhattan Beach, CA with her husband, Ben, her children Anthony (5), and Annie (19 months), and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lola. You can also follow her on Twitter (@ellenpadnos).

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