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With the mass popularization of life coaching, in great part thanks to Oprah, the pioneering women who first created the industry are now being followed by thousands of life coaches who are becoming more and more specialized. Not only are coaches targeting women clients, they are narrowing in on specific challenges faced by women every day.

Are you battling weight issues and feel discouraged by everyday diet and exercise fads? No problem, there’s a life coach for that. Are you feeling alone and burnt out because your son or daughter has ADHD? No sweat, there’s a coach for the cause.

Divorce? Going into business? Teen pregnancy? Can’t get pregnant? Money troubles? Again, no problem. Noomii.com is a directory of thousands of life coaches and provided us with a recommended coach for every situation in a woman’s life:

Weight Loss Coach for Women, Kathrine Brown

Sure there are diet and exercise fads galore. And yet, women are still struggling with their weight. With over ten years of experience as a weight loss coach, Kathrine Brown helps her clients turn that frown when you look in the mirror, upside down. She takes her clients from self-judgement to self-love by resolving the intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of their weight issue. She asks, “Who would you be if you were to love yourself unconditionally?” If you’ve got the courage to look below the surface issues, Kathrine will help you resolve your weight issues.

Money Coach for Women, Lynn Telford-Sahl

Do you overspend or overshop, especially if stressed or anxious? Do you under earn or under charge for your professional services? Do you feel overwhelmed by finances? Do you fight with your spouse about the same old money problems? Lynn Telford-Sahl knows these pains all too well. She’s been coaching for over 8 years helping women completely transform their relationship with money. In just four coaching sessions, she guarantees results, or your money back. How’s that for money coaching?!!

Entrepreneur Coach for Women, Beate Chelette

If you want to succeed in business, you’ve got to be motivated and resourceful. Beate Chelette epitomizes those qualities. She bravely emigrated from German while in her 20s, leaving behind a promising career in fashion photography. On the brink of bankruptcy, she pulled her fledgling stock photography company from the ashes and sold it to Bill Gates, becoming a millionaire in the process. She now promotes the Women’s Code, a new and empowering language for women in business. Her vision supports women in business, especially up and coming women entrepreneurs.

Divorce Coach for Women, Edi Spanier

Are you looking for some clarity, confidence and peace as you navigate your way through the unfamiliar and lonely territory of separation or divorce? If you are contemplating or in the midst of a separation or divorce, you already know how overwhelming, isolating and scary it can be. While divorce is relatively common these days, if you are the one going through it, there is still much uncertainty, many unanswered questions and at least initially, a sense of secrecy. Divorce coaching is your opportunity to think out loud, explore new ideas and connect with what is truly important to you.  Edi Spanier, a specialized divorce coach, can help you discover the life you lost when you got divorced.

Teen Mom Coach, Nekisha-Michelle Bakre

Are you a young mother that feels abandoned, unattractive & broke? By having a child, have you been told that you are stupid and that your life is messed up for good? Are you attracting nothing but lack, struggle and more destructive relationships? Nekisha-Michelle Bakre can help. She calls herself the “Life Redesign Queen” and she is dedicating her life to helping young mothers supersize their life and happiness.

Coaching for Mothers of Kids with ADHD, Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Do you have a child with ADHD? It can be challenging and overwhelming. Elaine Taylor-Klaus specializes in helping her clients – moms whose kids have ADHD – feel empowered to make passionate choices and live rich & fulfilling lives – lives that enhance their roles as parents and actually benefit their families. She’s so passionate about the cause that she created www.ImpactADHD.com, an online coaching and support network for parents of kids with ADHD.

Infertility Coach, Sabrina Roffman

Are you having a tough time getting pregnant? Has your pregnancy been traumatic? Are you silently struggling through your postpartum months? Who knew, there is a coach for that too. Sabrina Roffman is a psychotherapist turned life coach for women dealing with infertility issues, pregnancy and motherhood. In addition to offering one-on-one coaching services, Sabrina hosts support groups for women battling with infertility.

Caregiver Coach, Sandra Hall

Are you the caregiver in the family? Are you constantly offering support for persons with special needs? Are you suffering from compassion fatigue syndrome? Feel like a martyr? Let’s face it, many women get stuck in a role where they are giving all the time. The nurturer in us wants to be there for others but there needs to be a balance. Sandra Hall helps her clients manage self care and maintain their energy so they can continue to be the caring, loving, and generous people they are.

Barbara Hamilton is a freelance writer for Noomii.  Noomii is an online directory of life coaches and their goal is to help people find the right coach based on their location and specific needs.

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  1. As a former professional polo player, I know what it’s like to be a woman in a man’s world. I had to be twice as good! The payoff? I did it and well! Now, I’m using those same skills I learned to succeed in the polo world, as a top producer in real estate (11 years now). I still play, but just to train young horses for fun.

    Women need encouragement. If coaching works, do it! I know that a coach for my polo team always helped. I know that my Broker (my coach) also helps in Real Estate. Why not? We all need some championing!!

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