A Simple Guide To Pet Insurance

A Simple Guide To Pet Insurance

We all know that looking after ourselves and our children is one of the main goals in life because family is everything. But, there are some members of the family that don’t get the respect they deserve at times. Who am I talking about? I am talking about our pets. Most of us have cats, dogs or horses that we love and that we want to keep safe. Still, most of us don’t even consider pet insurance. Pet insurance could make a big difference to an animal’s life, which makes it a very important purchase. If you don’t have it already, bear the following advice in mind.

Understand The Fine Details Of The Policy

Insurance companies are notorious for this behavior because they don’t want to pay out wherever possible. That means that the agreement will have stipulations that affects the treatment you pet can receive. For example, they might stipulate that they will only pay a certain amount for certain treatments, especially if it isn’t a high end policy. Before signing on the dotted line, try to understand the possible consequences like the back of your hand.

Know The Breed Of Animal

Some breeds of animal are much more likely to get sick or to require veterinary treatment, which will increase the cost of the policy. Shetland ponies, for example, are well known to have problems with their joints because of their size. The extra cost can be extortionate, so it is well worth looking around for the best deal. Another great tip is to ask the breeder if they can recommend an insurance company. The odds are that company will be affordable, otherwise the breeders would go elsewhere.


Just like the breed of the animal, the age of the animal also makes a big difference to the cost. For obvious reasons, the cost skyrockets as the animal gets older. The odds are that it won’t last for long, and that the firm will have to pay out sooner rather than later. To be honest, there is not much you can with regards to the animal’s age because it is not going to get any younger. Compared to the price of the policy, most people decide not to buy insurance if their pet is old.

Use Animal-Specific Insurance Companies

General pet insurance firms are a good option, but specific ones are better. Certain animals will need treatments, and only an animal specific insurance company will cover them. You might be able to add them on, but it will cost you a lot extra. Stoneways Insurance is a brilliant example. They deal with horses and equine incidents, so they can tailor your policy to your exact requirements. When you buy pet insurance, every ‘T’ needs crossing and every ‘I’ dotting.

Where You Live

Try and pick a veterinary surgery that is close to your home as they are generally a lot cheaper. That is, of course, unless you live in London. A vet in Scotland is less likely to charge the same amount as one in the South East, and that reflects in the price of the policy.

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