Beach House Blues: 5 Disadvantages of Building a House by the Beach

Beach House Blues

Beach homes are dream homes for millions of potential buyers. What’s not to love about waking up and taking a dip in the ocean each morning? It sounds like paradise to many. However, before you run out and hire the best builders in Ocean Grove to make that home in paradise, it’s important to be aware of some challenges that may arise.

1. The floor can get sandy

The sand and the beach are pretty much synonymous, so if you live by the sea, chances are you’ll bring some of that sand into your home. To be honest, this isn’t a major deal – it’s more annoying than truly destructive. However, all that extra sand does make house cleaning a bit more difficult.

To get around that, an outdoor shower with a towel and a clean path to the door is helpful. That being said, not everyone will do a thorough job every time, so expect to do regular sweeping and mopping to keep the floors pristine.

2. Salt corrosion can increase maintenance costs 

The ocean is full of salt that gets carried onto land with the sea breeze. That salt can do some real damage to everything from your car to the exterior of your house and even indoor appliances such as refrigerators and furnishings. 

All that’s to say that beach homes require a bit more upkeep than your average suburban abode. For example, it’s a good idea to spruce up the outer walls with a fresh coat of paint every few months or so. On top of that, sticking to a regular cleaning schedule for appliances and furniture can help you avoid the nasty effects of corrosion

3. Insurance can get expensive 

Living by the sea has some added risks when compared to an apartment in the city or a home in the sticks. That added risk shows up in the cost of insurance. So, on top of covering floods, typhoons, property damage, and more, make sure to put aside some extra money to pay higher premiums. 

4. Vacationers can be loud

Nearly everyone loves the beach. That’s why so many people want to live by it, and so many want to go to it when they have time off. Sometimes, the latter group causes trouble for the former. In particular, they create a troubling amount of noise. 

To be fair, this noise doesn’t happen every day of the year. There are specific peak seasons – usually during the summer – when the noise and crowds reach their height. Then, there is a considerable drop-off during the off-season.

Alongside vacationers, you might get a few more “can we come over” requests from friends and family looking to enjoy life by the ocean. How many requests you get and how you choose to deal with them differs from person to person. Regardless, it’s important to be aware that they may come in more frequently than if you lived inland. 

5. Sea levels can rise

Regardless of your stance on global warming, there’s quite a bit of evidence that sea levels are going to rise in the near future. It doesn’t mean your front deck is going to be underwater next week (unless there’s a big storm), but it does mean you may want to build a higher deck to enjoy the view for many years to come. 

When making the decision to build your dream home by the beach, it’s important to balance the good with the bad. So, keep the five disadvantages above in mind to make an informed decision about living by the sea.

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