Tracie Nolde
Tracie Nolde

Busy, busy, busy…we are always so busy.  Busy running our kids around to their activities and trying to stay on top of our to-do list.  Busy for eight hours compulsively cleaning every corner of the house, or busy gossiping on the phone with friends or pinning new pins on Pinterest, or busy completing every single task at the office before day’s end (even though many of them could wait).  Whatever it may look like in your world, if your life is anything like mine you stay busy!

I am two weeks into summer vacation with three young kids at home and I am already struggling with striking that balance between being a cruise director for my kids and their summer schedule, keeping on top of all my normal tasks and fitting in time for me.  Even though summer is a more laid back schedule, I am still finding myself running around all day long and trying to stay on top of everyone’s activities and saving some energy at the end of the day for my husband when he walks in the door.

From the time we wake in the morning to when we go to bed at night, there are countless things we can worry or obsess about.  Some of the best advice I received when my first child was born was to make sure that I took time for myself.  Some seasons of life are just easier to do this in than others.  Try to find things in your life that you can replace with time for yourself to recharge and breathe.

I have found that the greatest gift that I can give to my husband, Jeff, and my kids is a healthy me. The only way I am able to be the best me is if I have taken the time to recharge my soul and spirit. If I allow all of my personal time to be eaten up by activities that do not enrich or inspire me, then it’s not long before I feel frazzled.  We all know what happens when this is the case, just like the ole saying goes “If mama’s not happy, then no one is happy.”  I have to be very disciplined to actually set aside time for just me, and use that precious time wisely.

Taking time for ourselves as women looks different for each of us.  For some of us that means kicking back in a quiet place with a good book or magazine; for others it may be putting on a pair of running shoes and going for a good run or hitting the gym.  Even things like cooking, gardening, knitting or listening to inspirational music are all ways we can take simple time outs for ourselves.

Be intentional about the choices you make and be disciplined in your decision-making.   Plan your time around your priorities rather than just letting life happen and take time to stop and breathe!

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Tracie Nolde lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband, Jeff, and their three children, Camden, Chase and Kennedy.

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