Business Fashion Etiquette: A Dress-to-Impress Guide

Business Fashion Etiquette: A Dress-to-Impress Guide

The way we look and the way we dress affects how others perceive us. That is why, in the world of business, casting the best image through style and professionalism is so vital.

Fashion only exists for a limited time, but style? It lasts forever, and there is a reason that specific dress codes do not change that much for a long time.

Besides, by combining the right attitude and style can significantly increase your chances of finalizing an agreement, particularly in face-to-face encounters with clients or business associates.

How to Impress the Business World With Style

For company events and meetings, women need to consider these sensible tips for business attire:

Color and designs

Conservative fabrics and color remain the ideal model in business attire for ladies, such as wearing navy or dark gray for suits and pants.

Women can also opt for black color if the attire is professional, and always remember that cocktail dresses are never suitable for any business meetings.

Stay away from color and design extremes

You need to secure an assurance about your company, and not a personal assertion showing your appreciation for fancy patterned outfits.

Plaids and sophisticated designs that look presentable from across the room are the safest because they make you look conservative, which is the essence of having the dress code.

Meanwhile, broad stripe and shiny fabrics can be utterly distracting, particularly during business meetings.

Suits and pants

Pants are an excellent choice, but it is better to opt for tailored pants with a fold or crease.

Twill, corduroy, and khaki are nice fabric choices specifically for business casual but refrain from wearing heavy cotton and denim materials. Meanwhile, suits and pants constructed from wool are the most presentable outfit for work and business attire in any season.

Abstain yourself from wearing synthetic fabrics (polyester blends and rayon), which wrinkle and crumple easily due to lack of quality. Make sure that you wear authentic watches, and assure that your attire is wrinkle-free.

Dresses and skirts

The appropriate material and color are important, but the proper length is essential. In situations wherein you sit on a couch or in a chair and revealing too much of your thigh, then your outfit is undoubtedly too short.

If there is a slit in your skirt, it must be little, placed in the back, and not higher than the back of the knee because skirts with high slits are inappropriate.

Remember that a slit must not interfere with your mobility, such as climbing the stairs or even walking. Moreover, if you feel uncomfortable while walking, then your skirt is either too tight or too small.


Pump shoes that complement the color of your outfit are ideal. Refrain yourself from putting on stilettos, thick heels, and shoes with flat soles. In wearing shoes, remember that the comfortability while walking is always your guide.

In Conclusion

Being a representative for a conservative company indicates that they have standards for what you can wear and should not wear, so you must follow the etiquette precisely.

It is essential to understand these business attire tips by heart if you are working in an institution that adheres to it because you would not want yourself to look inappropriate, which creates an impression of whether you are taking your appearance seriously or not.

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